Sweet Deceptions

Sweet Deceptions

Francesca, a seventeen-year-old Roman, is finally sure she has found love. Almost sure. She spends the day observing other lovers' behaviors and considering whether she is ready to jump. Her age notwithstanding, this movie is more about coming of age than about improper or illegal romantic relationships.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Sweet Deceptions 1960 full movies, Sweet Deceptions torrents movie

Francesca is a 17 yrs old girl who, one morning, wakes up after dreaming of making love with a family friend... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sweet Deceptions torrent reviews

Steve A (gb) wrote: Poignant and touching, impressive performances. What a nice find on Netflix.

Chad G (ca) wrote: I was surprised at the attitudes of these wrongly accused inmates - the filmaker is even and fair - a little slow in the middle but very powerful. It really makes you think and thats all you can ask from a good documentary.

Pete S (it) wrote: Tempted is a sexy infidelity thriller that's a better variation of Indecent Proposal.

Joseph S (br) wrote: Fred Ward plays Los Angeles gum shoe H. Philip Lovecraft, in a 1940's where everyone does magic. Its a film noir fantasy where the men lite cigarettes by summoning flames in their hands, faded Hollywood starlets sell themselves for cheap glamours to hide their age and decay, and Zombie butlers, construction workers, and goons can be freshly imported from the west indies. Lovecraft is hired to find a book for a rich new client, something called "The Necronomicon", and he has to find it by mid-night two days time. Loveraft doesnt do magic though, not that he doesnt beleive it works, but for personal reasons. He rents out an office next to a known and venerated witch a Mrs. Kropotkin, who gives him magical and spiritual advice, when the traditional detective work runs dry. Amusing detective, horror, fantasy, comedy and addition to the Cthulu Mythos. I had vauge memories of seeing this on HBO as a kid, which I had half doubted were real until finding this again. The special effects are decent for the time, and used to minimal effect. Not a great movie, but enjoyable feels like this would have been the beginnings of a good tv show.

Alex G (gb) wrote: Has a lot of great things to say, and subverts expectations in fun ways. A bit of a slog, but quite a relevant piece of fiction. Definitely enjoyable.

Mike K (mx) wrote: Clint is achingly sympathetic as vagabond country singer with wide-eyed kid sidekick in tow. Each scene feels like it's been pulled from the lyrics of a scratchy old 78.

Stephen C (kr) wrote: Oh dear a potentialy intersting premise ruined by some terrible dubbing and a plot which cant really focus on its subject. Francesco Rosi has made some interesting films but this film becomes so boring that you really wonder what the point of the whole exercise was. Volonte makes a great Luciano but other actors feel shoe horned in most noatbly Rod Steiger as a low level mobster and Edmond O Brien who gives a speech and then dissapears into the muddy narrative. There are some moments of excitement at the start but by the end i was throughly confused and annoyed that an idea has been so badly squandered as it has been here. A shame then but the film deserves concrete boots all they way down the line , A mess

Angee 1 (au) wrote: loved the whole evil twin role! :)

Scott W (ru) wrote: Watchable 50s B-Movie from Bert I Gordon about insane, lonely doll maker, well played by John Hoyt, who turns people into dolls and keeps in jars. John Agar is the hero and Laurie Mitcehll his girl.

FRED P (au) wrote: Great crime drama! Music score by Miles Davis. Car aficionados: look for the 1950s Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gull wing Coupe. If you haven't seen this film, add it to your must see list.

Christina M (ca) wrote: Very funny! Great movie!

Matt M (es) wrote: A true classic of the dark comedy genre with an exciting pace and great one liners as well as a riotous lead performance by Cary Grant. Capra's careful co-ordination also prevents Arsenic and Old Lace from seeming too stale in its staginess though the film occasionally shows tendencies to get all too loud and frantic.

Jamie S (jp) wrote: Worth watching, Classsic comedy enjoyed it

Pete J (ca) wrote: This movie shows how Martin Lawrence is so raciest. He's stand-up is the same way. Never really liked the guy. Hate this movie because of that.