Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Lange stunningly portrays Patsy Cline, the velvet-voiced country singer who died in a tragic plane crash.

Aspiring country singer Patsy Cline finds success under manager Randy Hughes, but her fame fuels her self-confidence, much to her husband's annoyance. Patsy hits a remarkable stride with a string of hit singles, and has become a fu . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Narges M (br) wrote: This movie has had a potential to be a very good surreal film, the main actress is performing very well and shootings are interesting and the animations are just as they supposed to be, but the whole combination isn't that interesting after 30 minutes. It's kind of boring! I think it's because of the main character, that she doesn't have a "1:30 min movie" to say! But with some editing, this can be a very good short film.

Craig Dylan W (de) wrote: An interesting premise of a film with an illogical screenplay manages to be engaging with decent casting. CDW

John T (de) wrote: BENEATH HILL 60 - 7 out of 10

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Giorgos T (ag) wrote: OK there are a couple of scenes that are funny, but I still cry for the money I paid to watch it...

Senor C (au) wrote: Hobgoblins 2 is a perfect example that you can't make lightning strike twice especially when it comes to awful movies. The 1st one was a complete fluke that it was so god awful enjoyable that you can't duplicate it. They honestly shouldn't have gone to the well a 2nd time other then those involved needed the cash. People who shit on the first one need to see the 2nd to see how not to do it & makes it feel forced. I had popped this one in not moments after watching the first one because I had so much fun but right away I knew that it wasn't going to be able to pull the same thing a 2nd time. In fact I turned it off after a half of an hour thinking that I wouldn't waste anymore time & just bask in the brilliant awfulness of part one...but the next day I figured I had to get back to since I invested in the first. Trust me on all accounts it's shit & actually quite disappointing. Get fucked up & watch the first one; skip this one even if the temptation is there

Meisen W (ca) wrote: Had high hopes for this after learning that Tony Leung would play a baddie. But it turns out that his character really had a righteous cause to be one. There's nothing unsettling or psychological about this film.

Stuart K (ca) wrote: Directed by Thai director Wych Kaosayananda, who is credited as Kaos, and written by Alan McElroy (Rapid Fire (1992) and Wrong Turn (2003)), this is an action thriller that got universally panned at the time, and has been credited as one of the worst films ever made, but it's NOT. It's actually a quite enjoyable and action packed film taking a brilliant advantage of filming in a brilliant location. Former FBI agent Jeremiah Ecks (Antonio Banderas) is assigned by the Defense Intelligence Agency to help find the kidnapped son of the agency's director Robert Gant (Greg Henry), the son Michael (Aidan Drummond) was kidnapped after a trip away to Berlin. They find that the former DIA agent named Sever (Lucy Liu), and after a huge shootout in downtown Vancouver, Sever escapes, but Ecks learns that Gant stole a nanobot and has smuggled it back from Berlin by putting it in Michael's body. Gant's wife Vinn (Talisa Soto) was married to Ecks a few years previously, and Gant separated them by making one another think they were killed in car bombs, but Ecks soon finds himself in league with Sever to try and put a stop to Gant's plan. Yes, it is a very silly film with a ridiculous plot, but it has some brilliant action sequences throughout, and one or two good chase scenes, all filmed in Vancouver in locations including the Public Library, Stanley Park and the Aquarium, which seldom get seen on film. It's not perfect, but it's certainly not as bad as what the critics made it out to be at the time. There are FAR WORSE films than this one.

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nauman a (ru) wrote: "Life is not a movie"

Keenan S (fr) wrote: While this seems to be the least-liked of the four versions of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, I do prefer it to the 2007 version. This version still has what makes the other versions enjoyable and creepy, but the story is a bit weak at times since it doesn't seem to fit the proper mold and it has a happy ending unlike the first two versions (Happy ending? Bah! Invasion Of The Body Snatchers was never about happy endings!) For the most part though, I thought it was a terrific version that is quite underrated. It's not a classic like the first two, but it sure makes for great fun when watching it.

John K (ru) wrote: I am in a tough, yet wonderful, part of my life. Because of that I could hook into the inner most emotions conveyed by this story. The struggle, the sadness, the loss that he eventually overcame. Just a wonderful biography.

Paul P (ag) wrote: Comedy seems to have regressed somewhat since this film. Or should I say, counter revolutionary...

Michael S (au) wrote: Tacky riff on James Bond that's not particularly funny or thrilling. Many scenes generate eye-rolls or unintentional laughs. The lone bright spot is Jerry Goldsmith's groovy score.

Chrisanne S (br) wrote: Hudson fantastic as hypochondriac and Randall is a hoot as his friend who is constantly drunk. Great Fun! Oh yes-- Paul Lynde is smarmy in his small role as a-- well watch the movie and find out!

Allan C (us) wrote: Solid low budget noir about Ann Sheridan looking for her husband before the mob finds him after he witness a mob hit. Dennis O'Keefe plays a reporter who wants an exclusive on the story and offers to help Sheridan in exchange for that story. Nothing brilliant, but it was entertaining and never dull, though my enjoyment of the film may have been hampered some by the poor quality of the print I wanted on Amazon Instant since this is a film that's fallen into the public domain. I also noticed in the credits that Ross Hunter, who'd later go on to produced the classic Douglas Sirk melodramas "Magnificent Obsession." "Imitation of Life," "All that Heaven Allows" and others, is credited here as dialogue director, which I found interesting.