Sweet Hostage

Sweet Hostage

An escaped mental patient kidnaps an illiterate teenage farm girl and takes her to his mountain hide-away, where they soon become friends and, eventually, lovers.

An escaped mental patient kidnaps an illiterate teenage farm girl and takes her to his mountain hide-away, where they soon become friends and, eventually, lovers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael J (de) wrote: Quebecois animators rejoice in this epic, adventurous, and fun (mixed with awesome 3d models, characters, story, and animation)! Must see!

Dave C (es) wrote: A decent ending (?) to the franchise, carried mostly by Tony Todd with not enough of John Light's delightful antihero.

Pia K (ca) wrote: Psykopaatti aviomiehen (en muistanutkaan miten t leffa loppuu...), hui ja hyi! (Suom. Vihollinen vuoteessani)

Tsukasa A (jp) wrote: It zips along but the last quarter is slow and spoiling.

Carrie T (fr) wrote: Rain Man is fantastic from its amazing cast to its heartwarming story that makes the audience root for both sides by the end of the movie.

Harry W (us) wrote: The only real reason I watched Two Moon Junction was because I'm a fan of Sherilyn Fenn and her work on Twin Peaks, plus I know she has an unfathomed body and I would be fascinated to see how she uses it in an Romantic-Erotic Thriller.But what's wrong with Two Moon Junction is the fact that there is no passion. There isn't any flames that burn between the characters and so the emotions or sexual activity between them is in a more dire need of chemistry than Jesse was in the first season of Breaking Bad. The relationships are hollow and the characters have only a mere exterior appeal based on their attractiveness, because there is certainly no depth within them.That's essentially the problem. Two Moon Junction has essentially no characters to it, just a bunch of actors told what to do and where to go without any direction thanks to Zalman King and his limited knowledge of filmmaking outside of creating films with nothing much outside of attractive sex objects, as notable in 9 1/2 Weeks. His poor screenplay leaves much to be desired, fused with a cheap MacGregor Douglas story has no understanding of the characters created whatsoever.For example, April Delongpre shows caring affection for her fianc (C) Chad Douglas Fairchild which he returns, but without a single ounce of chemistry she goes off and engages in an affair with Perry. The only actual explanation as to why she does this is because she must be a b*tch, since she clearly is more affectionate to her fianc (C) than to Perry the emotionless blow up doll and her parents think Chad is a better fit, the only plausible explanation is that she must be a thoughtless b*tch even though this clearly wasn't the intention of Zalman King or MacGregor Douglas. But if it was, they're dumber than predicted because that is not an interesting character to follow around in the story. Since somewhere along the lines somebody realised that and attempted to capitalise on the sex appeal of the film, resulting in Sherilyn Fenn going into hiding for a year, the filmmakers are all a bunch of brainless raccoons. The creationists that made Two Moon Junction had less inspiration or effort than even some of the dumbest pornographic films in existence. It's no wonder Sherilyn Fenn changed her career after sitting through this crap, and it did teach her to take her career seriously. But since she was subject to humiliation for the sake of a terrible film, that's one more reason to hate Two Moon Junction. You can see her actually crying at the end of most of her sex scenes because the filmmakers essentially violated her and her body with their inexperience and reliance on her body like what Bernardo Bertolucci did to Maria Schneider in his Academy Award nominated 1972 Romantic Drama Last Tango in Paris. Of course the difference is that Last Tango is Paris had meaning and skill in it, and essentially it's like all of Two Moon Junction was just put together by a bunch of perverts who merely wanted to look at Sherilyn Fenn naked and used a film as a cover for it, the same way the nonexistent film Argo was used to rescue Canadian Hostages. These events were later chronicled in the 2012 Thriller which won the Academy Award for best picture, Argo. But Argo is billions of light years away from being even slightly comparable to Two Moon Junctions unless you're comparing the efforts of the lead actors Richard Tyson and Ben Affleck who both suffer many of the same issues as actors.Perry is the dumbest character of them all, so hollow that he passes more as a foreshadowing of the dominant male character Christian Grey from the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. By that I mean he's a strong male figure with a big sexual ego, but is completely hollow as a character. And in a similar fashion to the writing style of Fifty Shades of Grey, actor Richard Tyson attempts to make every word he uses sound erotic, and that just makes things even stupider than they already are. Yes, things could have been worse in Two Moon Junction but could have been a lot better. One idea would be to cast a better actor than Richard Tyson, perhaps even the mysterious and sexually ambiguous Klinton Spilsbury would have done a finer job. Richard Tyson's performance should earn himself a Golden Raspberry Award, and his only appealing in Two Moon Junction is that he looks vaguely of Christopher Lambert with the haircut of Otto from The Simpsons.So since everything else in Two Moon Junction messed up, the audience would hope for some appeal through steamy sex sequences. This proves mostly to be a false hope, because despite the climactic sex sequence about 1 Hour and 25 minutes into the film's running time, the rest are rushed, pointless and tedious love scenes which have no erotic emphasis or fine visual qualities outside of Sherilyn Fenn's breasts, and the cinematography doesn't even bother to attempt to capitalise on that anymore.Honestly, why Two Moon Junction is defined as an erotic thriller is a question to me because that is merely a half truth. The erotic half, because there are no thrills in Two Moon Junction unless getting an erection at the sight of a naked Sherilyn Fenn counts. Even then the thrills are minimum. And if not for the aforementioned sex scene, the film couldn't even pass for erotic but rather not even a film but a feature length photoshoot.Lastly, where the movie ends is confusing, how it got there is confusing, what it meant was confusing. I never expected some form of half-assed erotica to be so confusing, but the fact that very few people actually bothered to make Two Moon Junction structured or original leaves it as a film that's dumber than a pornography starring Robert Pattinson.But on the plus side, even though she didn't take acting seriously when working on Two Moon Junction, Sherilyn Fenn is still a great actress to have since she serves as the cultural figure Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks, the slick and seductive schoolgirl. In Two Moon Junction, she portrays April Delongpre, a character exploring her sexuality. Despite being a terrible character, she is steaming hot and utterly sexy in Two Moon Junction, and she makes the climactic sex scene in the film a treat for the viewers since she has such a fine body with a beautiful skin tone and lets go of her inhibitions just to make the scene passionate, and it's the only scene in the film that is and that's thanks to the fact Sherilyn Fenn has control of herself in the scene and ensures the best of her is used. And when I say she's sexy, I mean so sexy that it was worth sitting through all of Two Moon Junction just for that one scene where her entire body is in perspective. Her overall performance was ok, but her presence is what makes it a memorable film.Also, Since Two Moon Junction is predominantly dank and boring, the smile of Louise Fletcher seems to light up the screen, as does her voice. She makes it slightly more bearable to sit through. Even though she portrays a secretly manipulative character like she's good at doing, she's still sweet to have in Two Moon Junction.Kristy McNichol was also good, because I have never seen her in anything else and I merely enjoyed seeing her breasts on screen. How that earns a Golden Raspberry Nomination when Richard Tyson or Zalman King don't get one is a strange farce.And that one steamy sex scene is a memorable one because its passionate, and watching it is a guilty pleasure but makes sitting through tons of Zalman King crap worth it. That scene is the cure to erectile dysfunction, there is no better way to put it.So if you can extract the climactic sex scene from 1 Hour and 25 minutes into the movie off the Internet, that will save you the trouble of sitting through Zalman King nearly killing Sherilyn Fenn's career in a waste of time titled Two Moon Junction.

Hunter D (de) wrote: Anthony Mann??s final film in the western genre is a tremendous and underrated film. Gary Cooper takes his brand of everyman sincerity that he gives to all of his characters and shrouds it in mystery as he plays the enigmatic Link Jones. I can??t help but wonder if John Hillcoat and Nick Cave were inspired by this movie when they made THE PROPOSITION, a movie with a similar story about a man who has washed his hands of his former outlaw partners, only to find himself forced in with them again under circumstances beyond his control. Mann??s movie, like most of his westerns, is a dark, violent one, especially for its time, I imagine the fist-fight between Gary Cooper and Jack Lord (the original Felix Leiter) must??ve been shocking back in 1958. Fans of genre should seek this one out, it??s a forgotten western gem that should be seen.

Justin H (es) wrote: Despite the seemingly bad reviews this is one of my favorite intellectual thrillers. Horror? Not really. Continuity is sporadic but I feel that adds to the dark, confused, insanity theme. Great gothic/grunge/industrial asylum kinda feel, good acting by Berry and Downey overcome dialog, I've easily watched this movie 10+ times. Naysayers have no imagination, dark movie lovers rejoice. The song at the end (Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes) music video was this movie and complements it amazingly.

Tyler S (us) wrote: A somewhat game changer in the horror genre, from the wicked crazy Clive Barker. It all centers around a deadly puzzle box, that releases creepy creatures known as Cenobytes. The plot is enough to make you say..huh? But it is original, gruesome, horror. The iconic villain pinhead is featured, but not enough in this movie, and that is my main complaint. The plot is based around a man who has resurfaced from another deadly dimension, and needs human sacrifice to get his skin back. Yes you have read this all correctly. You have to see the movie to believe what is really happening. The images, now almost 30 years old, are still somewhat effective. The movie has a sense of dread to it that keeps the viewer unpleasantly intrigued. It is a must see for horror fans. More Pinhead would of been a higher rating. The setting features only one location through the whole movie which I thought took away from it.

Tommy H (ca) wrote: The final Sinbad movie. The heroes in this one are pretty annoying and the story is boring, but the special effects are always top notch and really that's the only reason someone would search for this movie.

Brian P (gb) wrote: This is a fun movie that of course takes dramatic license with history. Still, it gets enough things pretty much right. Earp was never hit by a bullet and vendetta ride is as interesting as the showdown at the O.K. Coral. But it isn't Russell's solid performance which is memorable. In Val Kilmer's best acting performance, he steals the show as Doc Holiday.

Donibscottctcisnet D (nl) wrote: This film is full of the wonderful martial arts that once were so famous. It takes a bit of patience, but I think you can enjoy it.