Sweet Vengeance

Sweet Vengeance

Parts of this revenge tale (currently not available in its original form) was edited into the same director's Deadly Vengeance, released in 1981.

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Sweet Vengeance torrent reviews

Kevin C (it) wrote: Very good in depicting the joy of discovering music and clubbing. Unfortunately the wider story is appalling and wouldn't get onto CBBC.

WS W (it) wrote: The bromance thing. Pity everything stays on its superficial level without digging deep down further.

Morgan K (br) wrote: Very cool story, however the movie tends to drag as if it was shot in real time.

Joseph H (jp) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Guillermo S (it) wrote: Excellent movie.!!! I like the fact of how this movie shows the religion takes advantage of faith.

Stanley C (nl) wrote: Contains a weak, dull plot that lacks interest of characterization outside ALF.

Tino P (it) wrote: Robert Redford refracts the sociopolitical and moral issues posed by the subject material through a purely entertaining, well-acted lens.

Rickeshia M (kr) wrote: the story of Miss Billie Holiday. Diana Ross did a really good job in the movie also.

Bryan L (ag) wrote: One of the historical aspects in Aldous Huxley's book that Ken Russell succesfully evokes (though he doesn not explain) is the level of intoxicants that people consumed on a daily basis in the Middles Ages and Early Renassaince. The hallucinatory look and feel of the film, coupled with the fevered dream sequences, expand on the hysteria that was all too common among the uneducated provincials of that time. This is not the age of manners, but the age of the corrupt unification of church and state exercising its power upon an apathetic public. The parallels are stunning, as the film is more revelant today than when it was released 36 years ago.