Sweet Whip

Sweet Whip

When Naoko was a freshman in high school she was kidnapped and imprisoned by a man who lived next door. For one month, she went through hell. Finally, she killed the man and escaped. Now as an adult, Naoko is a doctor specializing in infertility treatment, but she also has another side. Naoko is a popular master in a S&M club.

When Naoko was a freshman in high school she was kidnapped and imprisoned by a man who lived next door. For one month, she went through hell. Finally, she killed the man and escaped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew G (gb) wrote: A chilling slow burner with enough atmospheric tension to make up for the subpar finale.

Frdric I (mx) wrote: Film assez djant, avec de gros numro d'acteurs autour de Yolande Moreau. Ludique mais vite oubli.

Adam R (ag) wrote: Werner Herzog's documentary is a brutal, horrifying, and beautiful look at the mindset and exploits of (probably disturbed) nature lover Timothy Treadwell.By playing stretches of Treadwell's home video footage in the wilderness as well as interviewing people who supported and criticized him over the years, Herzog takes his time to carefully explore this bizarre but endlessly fascinating infamous figure from the 90s. He even weighs in with own opinions, making sure to not be too critical but also not too lenient on Treadwell either. It's a much appreciated approach. Herzog respects his audience and doesn't hit you over the head with his film's ideas.Perhaps best of all though, Herzog allows much of Treadwell's home videos to speak for themselves. The footage of bears is both intense and extraordinary. Nobody can say that Treadwell didn't have a talent for film-making. However, you also see the rants and ramblings of a man who seemed to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. It's frightening and tragic to see such instability on video.Grizzly Man is a masterfully crafted car wreck - and I mean that in the most positive way. It's genuinely horrific and upsetting but you just can't stop watching. This is one documentary that is not to be missed.

David M (it) wrote: This movie is awful, but somehow spawned an iconic hero that the average person probably hasn't heard of. The funniest thing about this film is that Louie C.K. came up with this character.

Kurt A (kr) wrote: This movie follows the "new teacher helps the underprivileged inner-city kids" movie plot you've seen 100 times. The difference? This movie is all about capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts style that involves moving, kicking, punching, and flipping to the beat. Sound silly? You're right.In this movie our protagonist is Louis Stevens, played by Mark Dacascos, whom you know from Iron Chef America. I literally laughed for a solid minute when I realized that not only does he try to get away with playing a Japanese man on TV (He's from Hawaii), but he only knows basic capoeira. Which means that they taught him just enough to do this movie in which he is supposed to convince all of us that he is a capoeira mestre. Anyway, Louis gets shipped back stateside after his tour of duty in South America and the first thing he does is go back to his old high school. He discovers that it has been overrun by unruly children and frightened teachers. Sound familiar? So he is about to walk away when a fight breaks out right in front of him. He quickly breaks it up and finishes it mestre style. This leaves everyone at the school so impressed that they throw a teaching job in his face, obviously. He was ancient history 5 minutes ago, so he must be our savior now right? Not everyone is convinced but they are quickly swayed by the only good looking member of the cast who just so happens to be Louis's old heart throb. So there we are. The give him the keys to a busted down firehouse and throw the 12 worst kids in school his way. Of course he has them actually working together and listening to him within a matter of days. That's when his student Orlando says screw you mister and bails on class. Being an idiot, teachy goes into a basketball court full of thugs and asks him why he skipped class. He doesn't get an answer but instead gets a face full of foot from Orlando's gangster cousin who also happens to be a capoeira mestre. The rest of the movie is a struggle between good and evil. A struggle between two capoeira mestres locked in the heat of sweaty, rock abs McPeckerson tough guy fighting antics.Why should you watch this movie? You shouldn't. It's a very predicable movie. You know right from the first time the villain is introduced that he is going to go down somehow. Plus, Louis isn't exactly a good example for kids. According to his methods it's ok to ...1. Let kids fight each other in class.2. Solve your problems with potato sacks full of violence.3. Ignore everyone else and go it alone whenever you feel like it.4. Take revenge when it's yours to take.5. Destroy property.6. Goad the toughest people in town.7. Return confiscated weapons to kids.8. Play favorites.9. Walk away from your problems.10. Seduce women by threatening to make then walk through a thunderstorm to get home.This movie was made to teach us that there is another way to reach the lost youth of America. Duh, that's easy. Incentive!

Stanley K (gb) wrote: My friend "Vi" likes the scene where Vincent Perez was "molesting" that cherry.......very very much ~ =P

Michael A (es) wrote: Interesting visuals combined with a thought provoking story line. Erratic and hardly engaging though.

Robert B (ca) wrote: This movie is simply one of the WORST films ever made. It is so bad it's worse than bad. The only thing worse then this film might be the collected writings of Ann Coulter. Actually with the film's paint by the numbers Cold war plotline (ex: weapons manufactuer & Russian Atheltic team) as a backdrop you'd think it was written by Bill O' Reilly. The " All-Star" cast with Jimmie "my career's careening to an end" Walker, Robert Wagner and Sybil Danning. Which is sad becaude she's hardly in the film and this film despeartely needed a hot chick gimmick of some kind, so Charo's Love Boat cameo shot was probably a last minute desperation move by the film makers thinking: "well, maybe somebody in Spain will watch it."

Adam R (es) wrote: I really liked the Seinfeld-esque situations, but there were just too many plots thrown into one movie, and the sound effects ruin many of the gags.

Indira S (us) wrote: there again,,, Fred Astaire brought u such an entertainment on his dancing shoes :)

Byron B (nl) wrote: want to see this because it was nominated for best picture at the oscars and by the NBR

Jennifer Z (mx) wrote: I liked it, pretty funny

Keith C (br) wrote: A decent but underwhelming follow-up to the brilliant Excision. Some imaginative sequences but ultimately it lacks the punch of it's predecessor.