Ben Cronin has it all: the admiration of his many friends, a terrific girlfriend, and he's on the fast-track to an athletic scholarship. Ben's rock-solid, promising future and romance are turned upside-down with the arrival of Madison Bell. Madison, the new girl in town, quickly sets her sights on the impressionable Ben. While their first few meetings are innocent enough, the obsessive and seductive Madison wants more ... much more.

Ben Cronin has it all: the admiration of his many friends, a terrific girlfriend, and he's on the fast-track to an athletic scholarship. But after a one-night stand with a fan, Ben has to face a lot of consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark K (jp) wrote: Surprisingly fantastic.

Mike C (nl) wrote: I like drama, I like music, I like Billy Crudup. Perfect. Though a little predictable, I really liked this movie about a father dealing with the loss of his son.Spoilers aside, a family is impacted by a campus shooting. The dad finds the recordings of his dead son and begins to perform those songs himself. There were predictable elements here and I'm not sure they needed to be. Or I think maybe some aspects hinted at something and then nothing came of it, so it's awkward. That said, I thought Crudup and the kid who follows him were pretty solid. I think it could have been stronger without some of the predictability and if some of the other stuff had gone the direction I thought it was headed, but in all, this is a nice movie to watch.

Paul M (gb) wrote: So good. If you're a Burn Notice (TELEVISION SERIES) fan, then don't let this 'made for tv' movie evade your radar. It's funny and warm hearted but an old school action film to compliment one of my favourite TV shows of the last decade.

Frdric H (us) wrote: The women have to get the water in the village from the mountain top . Many of them were injured due to this dangerous walk . So they decided to go on a love strike in order to achieve the goal . The idea of convincing the men to make a well in the village is a battle itself and the women will pass through hell to arrive to the goal ! Dramatic movie but has a lot of wisdom .

Marco F (jp) wrote: This movie pulls off the incredible feat of being even worse and more hilariously incomprehensible than the first film.

Marah R (ru) wrote: Very dramatic even for its genre as the story progresses in an even fashion to reach an anticipated and quite unsatisfying ending. The performances however were profound especially that of the lead actress but unfortunate the slow and dull ending failed to give the movie a good rating.

Kody N (fr) wrote: A documentary on extreme skiing, this movie acts kinda just like the March of the Penguins. There are wonderful landscapes that it captures, it tells a slow story, and most of the time you are just wondering...how are they filming this! Steep tells the history of extreme skiing with interviews and skiing videos and even though it is extremely interesting to watch, it never reached beyond that of a Discovery Channel feature. But, if this was on the Discovery Channel, wouldn't you want to watch it. There are some shots that are breathtaking. There's an avalanche scene which I won't forget. And within all of the skiing and flying, you have to tell yourself about the filmmakers. This would be extreme filmmaking, too. My vote: 6.

Greg W (gb) wrote: Fortunately for the company, Largo turns out to be a formidable knife fighter in the corporate sense; fortunately for this sleek, empty thriller, he turns out to be a formidable knife fighter in the street sense too.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Worth seeing - especially if you are into Hunger Games or the Survivor tv series. Lost of basic gore and the nearest thing to a sex scene is a pathetic attempt of rape. Interesting ending though.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Bronson plays a cop on the edge. I like it. Obviously a movie that helped Asian-American relations in the 80's (note the hint of sarcasm. Being Japanese wasn't a good thing in this film). Very downbeat film but you got to love what Bronson calls "Justice".

Paul D (br) wrote: An intricate, detailed, complex story told at a pace that draws us in and allows us to savor every moment; a mesmerizing film that defies categories.

Danny M (nl) wrote: Good film. It's quite old now but I still like it. It's well done and there's a lot of heart to it