Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss

Stan and Ollie are mousetrap salesmen hoping for better business in Switzerland, with Stan's theory that because there is more cheese in Switzerland, there should be more mice.

Stanley and Oliver are mousetrap salesmen hoping to strike it rich in Switzerland, but get swindled out of all their money by a cheesemaker. While working off their hotel debt, Oliver falls... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samantha D (jp) wrote: It was an okay movie, but the acting is horrible!

Craig W (ag) wrote: Fun, light hearted, but too much cgi and light weight story to work with. Good supporting role from ewan mcgregor.

Ally C (es) wrote: Vincere (Italian for 'win' and pronounced vin-cher-ay) is the story of Ida Dalser, Benito Mussolini's secret lover and mother to his child, Benito. The film begins with the young Mussolini, played by Filippo Timi deciding to support a pro-war stance and convince Italy to enter the First World War and help gain a stronger position for Italy in the warring nations. we see him as an ambitous figure, spurred on by his ideals and by the love of a woman, Ida Dalser, who helps him achieve his goals and financially support him. Once he fathers her child however, he turns his back on them and forges on to form the Italian Fascist party and he begins to silence Dalser by using his powers to imprison her in a madhouse. The son, Benito is taken into the care of a catholic school and is isolated from his father and mother. The film then focuses on Dlaser's struggle and recalls Angelina Jolie's journey in The Changeling whereby a woman who is morally right, is shunned and oppressed but who does not give up her fight. Giovanna Mezzogiomo gives a strong performance as Dalser and it is difficult to feel anything other than the deepest sympathy for her imprisonment and isolation from her child. The choice to have Timi play Mussolini and his son at the end of the film was slightly misjudged I would say as it offers no relevant comment on their relationship. An interesting story but one which plays out without any real feeling outside of Dalser's portrayal.

SagaciousFrank (es) wrote: Once again, I fail to see and understand how this slow, meandering, desultory film has captivated audiences - do people somehow consider themselves more cultivated because they rate a foreign produced film with subtitles? Indeed, there have been many decent foreign made films, but this isn't one of them.I really wanted to enjoy it, and I gave it my full attention, but it was so slow, meandering, and unfocused with no ultimate pay off. In fact, it ends just when I thought it started to get going, though by that time it had more or less failed to hold my interest, so I was relieved when it was over. The characters are under-developed and with regards to some of the 'Elite Squad' and Police it was difficult to follow who was who and consequently I had no investment in any them. 'City of God' this film is not. 2/5

Prasad G (us) wrote: Brilliance in film making/story telling does not require big budgets and Superstars -- Shwaas is an excellent example. The story, acting, direction, background score and picturesque konkan were all fantastic.

Laraib Z (ru) wrote: i havent seen it but i think its going to be ok

Houston W (kr) wrote: I always like a poker movie. Not as good as some of the greats and it was kind of predictable but I enjoyed it somewhat.

Arash B (us) wrote: "Dictionaries always use words you don't understand."

Rodrigo D (jp) wrote: What? I dont understand if this suposed to be funny or scary. LOL

Andrew P (jp) wrote: its a good family movie tons of lol moments

Loren R (jp) wrote: Ein unterhaltsames und leichtes Gaunerstck mit einem grossen Seitenhieb auf die Hollywood Filmmetropole! Charmant und witzig in Szene gesetzt und mit coolen Schauspielern, die sich selber nicht so Ernst nehmen, cool besetzt! Fr ein verregnetes Wochenende bestimmt und locker und flockig erzhlt!

Stephen C (mx) wrote: Vastly underrated Horror film with its tongue firmly placed in its cheek and some cracking dialogue to boot.Chris Romero and his friend James Carpenter Hooper are two nerdy guys desperate to fit in by trying to join the best fraternity on college campus.They are given the task of stealing a corpse and dumping it outside another fraternity house.Trouble is the corpse they try to steal contains a leech like alien life form which they unleash on the student body with typically horrifying results.The only person who can save the teens is burnt out cop Ray Cameron played to perfection by Tom Atkins who has a nice line in sardonic humour even when the odds are stacked against him.Its true to say Director Fred Dekker is paying homage to the great B Movies of the 50s and 60s and its also noticeable that most of the leads in the film are named after Horror Film directors.That said the film does manage to stand on it sown to feet as a horror comedy and its pleasing to see the film is now seen as one of the very best in the genre.

Jonathan B (ag) wrote: Well Axiom are re-releasing the early (read good) Wim Wenders films on DVD and its great to see this classic once again!

Shmags Z (br) wrote: relentless & classic...the maestro!

Steve S (mx) wrote: Okay, but not nearly as good as I had hoped.

Carson B (jp) wrote: The Hunger Games is an emotionally driven and captivating film from start to finish, even though directing is a bit dull and distracting. A must see!

Carlos R (nl) wrote: Imaginative, gorgeously animated, and very original. Up is a refreshing entry that tackles very mature themes that were never explored in previous movies.