FBI agent Dennis Quaid tries to catch a serial killer who kidnapped his son.

An FBI agent tries to catch a serial killer who kidnapped his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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nicklas h (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first movie, but still a great movie. Too bad it is not the exact same cast as the last movie, but the new cast is great too, i hope there will be a born to race 3, the series is great so far

Sylvester E (gb) wrote: A film worth adding to your collection.

Noel P (nl) wrote: Mansome is a strange mix of pointless interviews and a slightly annoying sub dialogue of Jason Bateman and Will Arnett as they get a spa treatment. The three stars are for the section that follows the Beardman and his unique ginger beard in his quest to dominate all beard competitions.

Kimberly K (br) wrote: Very interesting premise, but a tad slow.

D M (jp) wrote: Have you ever feel that you are trapped in your life?Another great performance by Al Pacino,though the movie was low budget but still can shine by having him! D

Kaan K (it) wrote: Gerekten ok komik bi film,herkes izlemeli.bence Trk sinemas?n?n bu kadar cabuk ilerlemesini saglayan filmlerden.ama yabanc?lara komik gelmiyebilir.bizim kendimize gore bi mizah anlay?s?m?z var.

Steven B (jp) wrote: Aussie movies are always a little different. Enjoyable even if it was a little slow.

Sarah K (gb) wrote: Weird movie that made me cringe multiple times. Still kinda interesting and I have to admit Jodie Foster is a great actor in this movie. Watched it in Society & Culture class and I swear all the guys were getting turned on from all the nudity. It was like Christmas to them.

Zachary D (au) wrote: Extremely dark heist thriller. Graphic sexuality of the hetero and homosexual kind, heavy drug use. The movie feels like a bad trip, but is a fairly decent thriller.

Turtle T (ag) wrote: most original Break movie there is...

Chris S (au) wrote: "Eh, not really the best of Larry Cohen's work, but still worth a little look. I have to admit the creature effects were pretty cool"

Carlos I (de) wrote: The concept is actually kinda ahead of its time. But as an "equal" to Rocky Horror it pales in comparison. Some of the songs are kinda catchy though. And Jessica Parker Harper singing is always a bonus...

Thiago A (au) wrote: Uma comdia romntica musical com roteiro atrapalhado e previsvel, mas graas a direo do talentoso Vincent Minnelli, Gigi se torna uma experincia divertida, com figurinos deslumbrantes, canes animadoras e uma excelente performance de Leslie Caron.

Robert M (nl) wrote: This movie is 80% "Iraq/Afghanistan War" type scenes, 18% character background/babbling stuff, and 2% alien stuff. There's no 'mystery' or 'suspense' about it, and calling it 'science fiction' is a stretch.

Luc L (it) wrote: Not an effective film.

Cheryl L (ag) wrote: Really predictable and rubbishy storyline. Shame because I quite liked the cast for the movie.