Switchin' the Script

Switchin' the Script

During a weekend corporate retreat, her best friends convince unlucky-in-love Lonnie to "switch the script" and take control of men. Lonnie impresses every man in the place with her beauty and charm-most importantly, her boss' good-looking son David. Now, Lonnie tries to embrace her new personality without turning away what quite possibly may be "Mr. Right."

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(gb) wrote: CAST: Brandon Routh, Jesse Bradford, Sophia Bush, Jennifer Morrison, Johnny Galecki, Liza Lapira DIRECTED BY: Michael Samonek SUMMARY: When an unexpected breakup leaves him newly single and lonely, Scott Teller (Brandon Routh) invites perfect couple Ryan (Jesse Bradford) and Mary (Sophia Bush) to share his apartment. Big mistake. Before long, Scott's quiet life is consumed by chaos when Ryan and Mary's true colors are revealed, and the perfect couple transform into the roommates from hell. MY THOUGHTS: "I found this movie to be quite funny. Mary and Ryan are by far the most craziest couple I have seen in a while. Loved them. Sophia Bush was hilarious in this movie. Her and Jesse went really well together. They did a great job at being the "roommates from hell". Never seen a movie with Brandon Routh. I liked him in this. He was a bit stiff for a comedy, but he managed well enough. It was just a movie that will make you laugh, nothing special, just mind numbing fun..lol.. give it a go, I am sure you will laugh a couple times."

Francesca H (nl) wrote: Interesting and kinda kinky. I loved it.

Shannon F (au) wrote: Who doesn't like this movie?! It's one of the best romantic comedies ever! Of course, that's a subjective opinion...... but aren't they all? Sharp dialogue, good acting and beautiful story line.... it's realistic..... it's how things can really happen.... and it's laugh-out-loud funny..... come to think of it, the bird situation is probably not likely to happen...... but funny nonetheless!

Sammi L (br) wrote: I like weird films a lot, I'm all for them, but this... it just didn't really cut the mustard. There are weird parts, but they don't seem to have any relevance. They don't really seem to add anything to the film. I actually just ended up thinking the kid, Seth Dove, was a bit of an idiot. I couldn't understand a lot of his actions, or inactions, and the whole film really seems to be so far out of reality it was hard to relate to it on any level at all. Not overly impressed, unfortunately. To be honest, I thought it was supposed to be a comedy...!

Peter E (de) wrote: It could have been great but instead its a miss.

Nia E (ca) wrote: I have no idea what this film is about, but it was damn fine fun and frankly anything featuring Price, Lee and Cushing needs to be seen, even if Cushing's in it for all of 3 seconds or something. Features a great car chase and a funky theme song. Highlight has got to be Christopher Lee, playing a politician (or something, I couldn't quite tell), apparently using his Dracula stare to get Vincent Price to lower himself into a vat of acid. Genius.

Jonah P (ag) wrote: This is probably among the 10 worst movies I have ever seen. That does not mean it was not entertaining. Who can forget lines like "Wowsy, wow wow, Roxie, you look swell!"

Mark D (fr) wrote: Very unique tale, where the monster is causing mayhem and destruction through their naive actions rather than as a means to an end. I love the two twin girl aspect.

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Great film just as scary as the first if not more, The plot was bigger and better, A great horror film with more gory action that was missing from the first.

Aditya M (mx) wrote: The greatest organized crime movie to hit H. B. O. I like Sobel Jr., really a lot, and he looks a lot like J. R. Ewing even when in school. What is really an analysis is, Mr. Sobel's romantic muse is also pretty uncool, but she is more uncool about him, more than anyone or anything else. Apparently, Mr. Sobel wants to promote healthy interaction, between humans. When I saw Mr. DeNiro as the star of Ronin, and Taxi Driver, I didn't know he could be as considerate as to be exactly as unpleasant as my sister would want to be, in the worst of times, and in a movie, too. As a matter of fact, I met a great person like Billy Crystal also, but he wasn't called 'Sobel'. There should be a 'Sobel' for every Mafia Boss. Interesting reflection. It seems that the great star Larry Hagman, played J. R. 'Ewing', who was on the path to being a Jr. ewe lamb, but it seems that he was male, and he remained a Jr. ewe in the making. the 'ing' after 'Ew', means that he was a case in progress, perhaps.

Wahida K (mx) wrote: Well lol, now that I LOVE funny Movies, my best friend recommended this Movie to me and HOLY CHRIST that was a pretty nice surprise. I liked the end Scene. Elvis drives the Bad Guy Nuts. HOLY MOSES!

Camille L (br) wrote: Pas vraiment passionnant, ni meme original, MO BETTER BLUES s'ecroule totalement dans sa deuxieme tres longue heure. Comptant une histoire d'amour entre trois personnages assez idiots et une bromance bien plus reussie, le film ne vaut que pour un casting efficace et une mise en scene reussie.

Matt W (gb) wrote: This movie is often over-looked, but it is one of the better cop movies from the 70's. Right up there with The French Connection.