Swordsman of Siena

Swordsman of Siena

A 16th-century Spanish overlord hires Thomas Stanswood (Stuart Granger) to protect his, less than eager, fiancee (Sylva Koscina) from rebels. Thomas finds himself drawn to both the fiancee and the rebels side.

A Spanish overlord controls 16th-century Tuscany. He plans to marry into a prominent Italian family and hires an Englishman to serve as bodyguard for his less-than-eager fiancee. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamae J (au) wrote: I saw the previews for this and its seems pretty interesting, but time will only tell

Carl M (ru) wrote: A couple takes a chance by renting two scary movies from the local video store, but as the clerk at the counter warns them, these are not your average Horror films, and the store is very strict when it comes to their return policy! The first flick features a buxom blonde who gives her john more than he bargained for during a kinky sex session. Up next is another steamy sexploitation picture with women behind bars in an infernal prison of the damned! While John Carchietta and Carl Morano have made every attempt to recapture the seedy Grindhouse aesthetic in their recent Horror anthology, LATE FEE, they really miss the mark overall. Sure, the segments look like they could have stepped out of the late 70s, but like many films of the era, the slack pace and tedious plotting make for a difficult watch. What's worse is that the wrap-around story, which is the only interesting and entertaining part of the entire movie, ends in one of the most anticlimactic finales ever filmed. Do yourself a favor and avoid the late fee on this flick by leaving it on the shelf. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Lee (ag) wrote: Dario Argento's latest offering has been absolutely torn to shreds by fans and critics so I wasn't expecting much from this at all but I ended up enjoying it a lot more than others seemed to. The story is fairly straightforward which has a New York FBI agent based in Turino on the trail of a killer who has bern kidnapping and murdering pretty foreign women. It's a pretty violent film with a real vicious streak to it so it racks up a decent amount of bloody content. The film has a good pace and is never boring and always on the move. You can't help but laugh at the killer though with his strong resemblance to John Rambo lol! The films ending was a little anti-climactic unfortunately, it could have gone out with a bit more of a bang or a plot twist. I found this one better than Argento's previous two films, especially The Card Player. It's not great but it still has entertainment value.

Evan H (jp) wrote: such a cute movie, regardless what some critics say! Loved "The Spirit of Cary Grant". Was pretty funny!

Wendy M (jp) wrote: Usually when I see a cast like this I think immediate flop. Instead this film sucks you right into its world.

Onkel B (de) wrote: Supporting actor Meredith serves up a ton of laughs, And the rich tasting plot leaves you crunched up in laughs through the entire film.

Shaun B (es) wrote: A fun movie that does not take itself seriously despite a post-apocalyptic dystopian setting (in Australia in the 1980s of all places! unbelievable!) rife with punks and new wave degenerates. You will have to throw the baby out with the water when taking into consideration plot holes and inconsistencies and anything related to real world situations and thought processes. In fact, turn off all thought processing controls in your brain before sitting down to watch this B-movie feature with some nice T&A, decent destruction and violence, and a socio-political message that changes every 20 minutes or so to address them all.

Miguel P (kr) wrote: No deberan haber hecho la secuela, pero la cancin little black dress mola

Michael H (es) wrote: A tight, tense thriller that's probably a little ahead of its time. Great performances by some legendary actors make it that much more intense. Some continuity issues and lack of closure keep it from being a true classic. Is it safe?!

Miguel A (ag) wrote: No existem explicaes aparentes para toda a merda que acontece em "Race with the devil", mas quem precisa de explicaes quando tem Warren Oates, Peter Fonda e duas playmates, dentro de uma caravana, a fugir de uma Amrica transformada num gigante culto satnico?

Rob N (us) wrote: On TMC this Friday night at 2am or so.This is really weird.

Michael F (mx) wrote: very entertaining and even stevens has a beard...so...that's new...

Francisco L (kr) wrote: Berry is a very good actress and the best special effect on this film. Good screenplay with twist and turns that makes this film better. What makes this film more stupid is the tittle that nobody understand.

Ola G (nl) wrote: In 2021, Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a "mnemonic courier" with a data storage device implanted in his brain, allowing him to discreetly carry information too sensitive to transfer across the Net, the virtual-reality equivalent of the Internet. While lucrative, the implant has cost Johnny his childhood memories, and he seeks to have the implant removed to regain his memories back; his handler, Ralfi (Udo Kier) assigns him one more job that would cover the costs of the operation (which are extremely expensive), sending Johnny to Beijing to deliver the latest information. At the designated place, he finds a group of frantic scientists who have the data he is to carry, but it far exceeds Johnny's storage capacity (which is around 160 GB), even with the use of compression folders to decrease the size of the information, and if he tries to upload the data in, the remaining amount of data will be uploaded directly in his brain, causing severe psychological damage and potentially, death. Johnny accepts anyway, in need of the money. After uploading their data, the group is massacred by Yakuza, but Johnny manages to escape with a portion of the encryption password. After contacting Ralfi, Johnny returns to Newark and soon finds that two groups are after the data he carries. One is the international pharmacological company, Pharmakom, led by its United States executive, Takahashi (Takeshi Kitano), who believes the data to be critical to the company's interests. The other is the Yakuza guided by Shinji, who wishes to deny this information to Takahashi and claim it for themselves. Johnny soon learns that Ralfi is in the Yakuza's employ, and ready to kill Johnny to extract the data storage hardware. Jane (Dina Meyer), a cybernetically-enhanced bodyguard, helps Johnny to escape, and aided by the Lo-Teks, an anti-establishment group led by J-Bone (Ice-T), they elude their pursuers. Jane takes Johnny to meet her friend and street doctor Spider (Henry Rollins) who had installed Jane's implants. In discussions, Spider reveals he and his allies at a local clinic were to be the recipients of Johnny's data, supposedly Pharmakom's unpublished cure for "nerve attenuation syndrome", a plague ravaging mankind, due to the over-reliance on technology, and causing political strife. Though Spider could remove Johnny's implant, this may cause both the loss of this invaluable data as well as Johnny's life; instead, Spider directs Johnny to J-Bone, who resides at Heaven, the Lo-Tek base built on the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge and hopefully he can break the missing code to download the cure of NAS...Based on the story of the same name by William Gibson we get a post internet/virtual reality sci-fi story preceding "The Matrix" that has potential for sure and it has some good parts and some poor parts. Its quite clear in "Johnny Mnemonic" that Keanu Reeves isnt a good actor, but thats old news, then again with supporting actors such as Ice-T and Dolph Lundgren, Reeves is almost great in this film. Nevertheless, he sort of fit in the role as Johnny. The stunning Dina Meyer is ok as Jane, but her character development isnt clear at all. Still dont know what the hell Dolph Lundgrens ancient christian profet was supposed to be. And Ice-T is almost as stiff as he was in "New Jack City". I do like the storyline of the "mnemonic courier", but I think the story is handled weakly and its not streamlined nor properly coherent. And I reckon too many poor effects and studio settings lowers the bar as well during its running time. I did like the thumb laser Shinji used and the effects worked in that case. With a different budget, other actors, a better storyline based on the novel and with greater conditions this couldve been quite ok in my mind. Time for a remake?

Isadore H (br) wrote: Selma is the story of MLK JR getting voting more available for African Americans during the civil rights movement. I'm going to come forward with my biggest issue with the film right away. The portrayal of white people in this was very negative until the last 1/3 of the movie. Until that point, they were generalized as racist, ignorant, republicans. All of them. The movie constantly used the racist characters to talk of liberals despicably, clearly referring to themselves as conservative or republican. Now I realize that stereotype was very true in that time and place in America, but not everyone who was a white conservative acted that way, but the film constantly painted that picture. The 'good' white people came in towards the end, but I was relieved to see the white people fighting the good fight being represented. Other than that, the movie did drag for me at times a bit, but I was always interested. David Oyelowo was amazing as Dr King, his representation was incredibly spot on as his character and was the best part of the movie. The acting overall was very good, but Oyelowo definitely stole the show. There were scenes that were especially brutal to watch, and made me angry at the people who did these things to the civil rights members at the time. I enjoyed Selma, but the main fear I had about this film came true for me, and that was disappointing to see

Joo L (br) wrote: this is fuly boring but have good things in the beggin of the film