Sworn to Justice

Sworn to Justice

After masked attackers kill her sister and young nephew, a female psychologist takes the law into her own hands by acting as a defense witness by day and a ruthless avenger by night.

After attackers kill her sister and nephew, a female psychologist becomes a defense witness by day and avenger by night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg N (es) wrote: The clever language choice of the characters carried the movie for me. I kept expecting there to be a conflict to be resolved, but one of the size that I anticipated never appeared. As a result, the climax didn't settle anything. Minutes later, the movie ended.

Hemant P (gb) wrote: Leave zombie movies to Hollywood

Raphael S (ca) wrote: No um dos melhores filmes do mundo, mas assistvel. Achei interessante a proposta e at mesmo o desenrolar final da trama.

Alan L (mx) wrote: A low budget omnibus that's an ode to even lower budget drive-in movies. It's mostly unfunny and obnoxious... but it has flashes of fun in 'Wadzilla', a tale of a monstrous rampaging sperm! and in the bizarre b&w pseudo German language 'Diary of Anne Frankenstein' !

Hannah S (jp) wrote: Half a star for the title, cover artwork and Lionsgate's brilliance in managing to get this onto Blockbuster shelves. Quite possibly one of the worst films ever to be distributed in such a wide fashion, this should only be seen for the sheer comedy value. POV camera angles with no established reason as to why? Incomprehensible story and acting? Girl throwing her own crap as a weapon? Girl taking five minutes to put plasters on tiny cuts on her face? All that fun's in here...

Kathryn R (ru) wrote: My friend and I watched episodes of Bridalplasty yesterday on Netflix & THIS was the worse thing we've seen all weekend.

Ian P (ca) wrote: Amazing. Painfully romantic. Compelling story of resiliency, hope, and intimacy. Not for the impatient, plot-driven American audience.

Brian B (us) wrote: It's good to see Casper Van Dien getting work. How did his career fall of the map so fast?

Tighe G (ag) wrote: Just stupid. Not even entertaining.

Jon T (br) wrote: For anyone unfamiliar with E.L. Doctorow's novel, RAGTIME is a complex, richly created tapestry of New York City at its turning point, involving an upper-class white family somehow getting mixed up in the trials and tribulations of a black pianist, a Jewish filmmaker, a sexy model, and a crusty police officer (James Cagney, in what would be his final film). What's particularly notable about this film is the casting of the actors; for many of them, from Brad Dourif to Moses Gunn to James Olson to Mandy Patinkin, this was their first film. It is interesting to see them in RAGTIME prior to when they became famous. The real star of the picture, though, isn't just the beautiful cinematography, but Randy Newman's score. This is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, from the melancholy opening waltz to the showclosing "One More Hour". Longtime fans of the novel may be somewhat disappointed with Milos Forman's otherwise superb interpretation of the novel, which cuts out many of the historical figures and mostly focuses on the misfortunes of the black pianist (wonderfully portrayed by Howard E. Rollins Jr.) as his life devolves into one of vengeance against a racist firefighter. Consequently, it leads to a somewhat overlong final act. Even with this shortcoming, RAGTIME is still fine entertainment. It never gained the popularity of a subsequent musical show, but it definitely deserves a look.

Courtney C (de) wrote: closer 2 the book. very good

Kieran F (it) wrote: Not a very good film, no real point in it! Beautiful actresses and actors in it though and that's the point

Kyle M (ru) wrote: A typical Superman flick that's good enough that the a-bit-flawed animation isn't a bother. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Roody S (fr) wrote: the plot was just too "convenient."

Cross B (es) wrote: The makers of this film should apologize. The story's dialog foretells the consequences of a temporal paradox, but when such were created, the predicted consequences did not occur. The "Back to the Future" trilogy and Dennis Quaid's "Frequency" did a better (if still imperfect) job of handling them.