Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL is an exhilarating, provocative motion picture. The Rolling Stones rehearse their latest song, "Sympathy For the Devil," in a London studio. Beginning as a ballad, the track gradually acquires a pulsating groove, which gets Jagger into a rousing vocal display of soulful emotion that Godard is lucky enough to capture on film. Showing that rock and roll is more than just partying and goofing off, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL is a brilliant portrait of the creative process at its most collaborative and arousing.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:band,   car,   interview,  

Godard's documentation of late 1960's western counter-culture, examining the Black Panthers, referring to works by LeRoi Jones and Eldridge Cleaver. Other notable subjects are the role of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sympathy for the Devil torrent reviews

Steve D (es) wrote: Not as powerful as one would expect but well acted and often disturbing. I just wish it would have been more factual.

Gwnol V (fr) wrote: Une premire demi-heure sympa malgr une utilisation de clichs assez faciles, mais tellement exagrs que en devient drle, l'heure qui suit derrire parat interminable et on a l'impression de revoir les mme scnes en boucle. Vite vu (enfin...) vite oubli.

Deepak A (br) wrote: Thoroughly thought provoking movie that melds visual poetry with good acting and storytelling in a manner that stays on your mind long after the movie ends.. Neither pedantic nor intellectualising on a subject that can easily veer off into a bare philosophical monologue, the movie succeed s in evoking thoughts in the philosophical spectrum within a series of dialogues between the characters. Ethical, moral and perceptive dilemma are all captured and woven into the story- telling.. Only weakness is at the editing table.. I felt like some crisper editing of the visuals would have brought the movie to 2 hours without any perceived loss of impact. Regardless, the movie is a must watch for its ability to raise relevant questions that linger in your mind!

HungYa L (au) wrote: Interesting but possibly could be better

Private U (gb) wrote: not much to say than just a so-so animation.

Francesco G (ru) wrote: A gem in the panorama of Japanese film-making

chris a (gb) wrote: more of a monster mash for cult nerds, nightbreed bring a lot of things clive barker is well known for... frightening monsters, hell, and just plain down in the dumps. but an interesting plot explaining the story behinds the monsters makes for a fun film to watch. Yes it gets way off track at times and david cronenberg's character is off the rocker, but it's fun to watch none the less

Stitch L (de) wrote: Just not that interested in this movie. :(

Marti J (au) wrote: Completely ruins one of my favorite stories by Dean Koontz. Fuck Corey Reams.

william s (au) wrote: very hard to follow . story is weak

Grant H (ru) wrote: Pretty good movie. This is a much better film than the almost exact same film Exorcist: The Beginning. It's more psychological thriller take on the story is smarter, more suspenseful, and shows evil in a more truer state, rather than in a cheesy special effect filled disaster. The performances are better, Skarsgard actually looking scared and conflicted.

Carlos Z (ca) wrote: Sad and intriguing bioptic of the life of Bobby Fischer