T-Bird at ako

T-Bird at ako


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   rape,   murder,  

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T-Bird at ako torrent reviews

Nathan M (es) wrote: One genre of film that I have such a hard time appreciating, let a lone enjoying, is the hyper-intellectual, ironically condescending indie films. Listen Up Philip is the latest foray into this world, and I just couldn't really get on the same wavelength with filmmaker Alex Ross Perry. There are some pretty fun performances here, including lead actor Jason Schwartzman, but I could not find anything redeemable or likable about any of these characters. I just couldn't understand spending nearly two hours with these people.

Jonathan K (ru) wrote: The male actor in the lead role delivered an incredibly awful performance.The script and plot devices are terribly cliche.I urge you not to waste your time watching this.I only gave this movie 1/2 star because Flixter wouldn't allow ZERO stars.

Allan J (fr) wrote: Not a good movie, but Kenan has some good lines. Plus, there is one really good scene with bill romanowski

Owen D (kr) wrote: I waited for it to be good, didn't happen.

Eddie D (nl) wrote: Never seen it, but it sounds awesome

Thomas M (ru) wrote: The movie stands strong, even with Jeff Bridges digitally removed to reveal John Wayne defining the role underneath. I'm surprised both versions of the movie aren't packaged together, or that there's not a fan-edit that switches between movies for every other scene. If the Western genre ever seems dusty, let Rooster wake it up.

Olli H (ca) wrote: Clint Eastwood was and is one of the most iconic movie cowboys in the history of cinema. In "Hang 'Em High" he is Jed Cooper, an ex-lawman, whose cattle herding is put to an abrupt stop, when nine men come and accuse him (wrongfully) stealing the herd and they beat him and hang him. But he survives and is taken to a judge, who finds him not guilty and offers him his old job back, to hunt the nine men and bring them back alive, so they can judge them and hang them...The story starts simple enough and for a while that seems to be the whole company line but luckily Clint have some "side missions" as well and they shape the story much and more and the whole is a nicely multi-layerd, very well written western.

Sean W (us) wrote: i really want to watch this but none of the video stores in Arkansas maybe i'll just buy it.....hmm

Dave C (jp) wrote: Love Mozart. Just wonderful !

Corey T (es) wrote: Taking a lot of liberties with the story, this version has great special effects and Leelee looks amazing in gold skin, but probably allot more enjoyable if you don't know anything about mythology.

Robert B (mx) wrote: Safe is a great film for those who enjoy character studies and have an interest in psychology and/or social issues. The style of film is observational, we focus on the lead and witness her struggle against her environment. Whether the environment is natural, artificial, or social is open to question. The film feels, overall, very much open with nuanced performances. It requires some amount of speculative reading into things on the part of the viewer, though I find that interesting. Safe is a slow, but engaging, film with a powerful ending.

Matt M (br) wrote: An unusually two dimensional addition to Eastwood's filmography. Space Cowboys is the story of four aged astronauts who jump at the opportunity of going on a trip to the moon. Little do they know that they are simply part of a NASA publicity stunt. This film is full of implausibilities, however, that is sadly not the only thing that is unremarkable about this film. As mentioned before, it's quite two dimensional and structured. All the characters are well defined and the plot developments pretty predictable. Nevertheless, one could still do worse when looking for a different tile of light entertainment. The humour is soft spoken yet welcome, and mixes well with both the dramatic aspects and the science fiction aspect of the story. There is also some charm in seeing Eastwood share screen time with Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner - a random match that tastefully doesn't take anything away from the actual story and doesn't make the film seem like a nostalgia publicity stunt, for want of making reference to the plot of Space Cowboys.

Diana S (br) wrote: Strong cast but the movie never fully comes together.