T4's Global Warning

T4's Global Warning


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Adam S (br) wrote: Purely artistic, poetic Russian mood piece, about the dying rituals of a practically forgotten small community on Lake Nero. Shot in floating long takes, told in the barest of minimalist voice over and flashbacks, the film looks and feels like the last memory of a cold, small, yet profound existence.

Nick I (kr) wrote: Rare sequel where you can argue he was better than the original and Kristen Wiig arrival adds a great new character to the story

Karieann P (ca) wrote: a great movie about forgiveness

Scott W (es) wrote: pretty cool movie.. last 3 minutes sucked though

Dyron W (us) wrote: Probably the worst film of '07.

Manal S (fr) wrote: I have officially become a fan of Susanne Bier. Only her can create such intense drama in the simplest of tones. Great performance by everyone as a bounce.

josiah s (ca) wrote: this is a classic haunted house movie about one of the seven dreaded gate ways to hell in todays generation they would never make a movie as gruesomely gory as they did back then.

Uriel M (br) wrote: Estoy armando un grupo de admiradores de Lucrecia Martel, alguien que le interese?

Andreas C (de) wrote: If funny means stupid and ridiculous, than its my 3rd favorite comedy

Zane E (fr) wrote: An interesting take on two different Poe stories. I have never heard of Dario Argento or the story "The Facts in the Case of Mr. Valdemar," but that section itself was really cool. I'm going to have to check out the story. "The Black Cat" is my favorite Poe story. I was really excited that George Romero was directing it, as he's a pretty awesome director. His modern (1990) take on the story was refreshing. The movie itself wasn't too bad.

Anna L (ca) wrote: Boy, I haven't laughed that much in a while.

Corey n (jp) wrote: This was a very good old film. It stars Cary Grant and Jean Arthur. The film is about a air freight company in South America. They run mail and goods through fog, rain and a dangerous mountain pass. Grant is the tough boss that must make tough decisions. Jean Arthur is the love interest. The film has a great story and interesting characters. Grant and Arthur are great as usual. In fact the entire cast are great. Director Howard Hawks does a great job making the action sequences look great for a film made in the 30's. This is a old film that has a nice mix of drama and action. Well worth the time for those looking for a old black and white film to watch. A must see for any Cary Grant fan.

Samuel B (nl) wrote: Was actually surprisingly high budget, though still a 90's/80s feel to it. 2 brothers fight for their lives in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles to gain power over a magical pendant called the double dragon and to keep it from falling into the hands of a powerful crime lord. Check it out, its a little cheese, but worth it in the end.

Muhammed A (br) wrote: there is a value in this one good acting

Huw G (it) wrote: Incredibly intense, almost unbearably so.