Taas tapaamme Suomisen perheen

Taas tapaamme Suomisen perheen


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

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Taas tapaamme Suomisen perheen torrent reviews

Jason K (es) wrote: It says alot about a movie, script, dp, director, and actors when you get through a entire film that your not really a fan of the environment (backwoods) and you think "good job team"/ followed by "Lauren Ashley Carter- no words needed= awesome"

Keiren K (ru) wrote: Brilliant Great film to watch with wine and a box of chocolates

Michelle C (it) wrote: Not as bad as I expected. The voice of Ms Chiling is really ... =( Don't know why the acting of Eric Tsang is getting more and more stupid - he can be something way way better then here and in the "Bodyguards & Assassins". The fighting scenes of this eastern "Tomb Raiders" can fool foreigners, but please, give some real kung fu to the audiences of Greater China. Not a bad choice to kill time, but don't expect too much.

nipp s (es) wrote: Maybe this movie is for stoners who like medieval shit.... I loved it! Your Highness has a good story and good actors along with enough silly shit to stop itself from taking itself to seriously. The story as an outline isn't overly original but the way the story is presented is and that's what's important here. Now if you'll excuse me I need to partake of the mystical herbs and seek the guidance of visions to enlighten my path on the road of destiny.... to taco bell

Greg H (kr) wrote: Pretty interesting and didnt seem too contrived. Full of cool skills too of course :)

Adam W (gb) wrote: Having read Ernest Becker's books and a bunch of TMT papers, this movie wasn't as awe-inspiring and original as it would be for someone new to these ideas. I did enjoy the film although it was a little slow at times and had some cheesy techno music in a couple montages. I'd indefinitely recommend it to someone who hasn't yet heard of Becker and TMT.I thought the best part was seeing Solomon, Greenberg, and other TMT related people on film to see the people behind the research. I also enjoyed that Shen chose to take footage from many cultures and regions of the world to express that the theory (supposedly) hold universally to all humans.On the other hand, I would have like to see a more "balanced" pitch of the theory in relation to other theories and its criticism. TM theorists I feel take their own "immortality project" (their research) with too much faith--not that they shouldn't believe in what they are doing, but be open that their theory isn't universal to all human cultures. Much of the film and the literature I have read construct an Indo-European male as the model the theory is based off of. I have not seen studies exploring homosexuality and indigenous traditions (though they have done a lot international and gender studies).I think it is easy to perceive TMT as an over-arching meta-narrative/theory for humanity--as Becker called it, "the science of man." Their is something very attractive to our secularized modern western minds about death and nothingness (read: existentialism). "Fear of death" just sounds way to romantic(?) as an idea to blame for evil. What if instead of "terror" it was "despair", and instead of "death" it was "limitation." Does "despair of limitation" carry the same pathos as "fear of death" despite being very similar: not really. It seems to me there are many other factors at play and I'm glad to see TM theorists building coalitions.

Jordan K (it) wrote: Big Daddy is one of Sandler's better comedies and one of the last films of his to be in at least decent quality, it's fun but has a little bit of an overly cutesy feel. Sonny Koufax finds a 6 year old on his doorstep (literally) and cannot find a foster family to give him to. Thus, Sonny's lazy days are over becoming a temporary father, learning that it's a lot of work but fun comes along the way, avoiding the foster home as much as he can and regretting his past decisions.Big Daddy depends on its cutesy scenes of a young Sprouse twin and its chemistry with Sandler, which works decently but feels a bit forced: There's not much comedy from a Sandler film but what it does attempt at comedy is boring scenes featuring Sandler and his friends chatting about Julian. Sandler's character isn't much like his others, typically a screaming idiot who redeems himself in the end, that's exactly what Sonny is, though, but the feel isn't right for a Sandler film. Even if they casted a different lead role the film suffers from numerous flaws. The pros include a young Jon Stewart in a small role, Sprouse's character being somewhat likable, and the ending, proving itself to still have a happy ending but not an extremely predictable one. It's not bad but it's not great, often overlooked.

Greg N (jp) wrote: I'm overrating this movie but when I saw it back in my first year of college it exploded my head. I was completely sure there had never been anyone cooler than Tadanobu Asano and that all movies needed to be part fashion show, part David Lynch, and part gangster flick. This is also the movie that got me watching Japanese movies that didn't involve men in dresses pretending to be tough. Yep The Seven Samurai sucked.

Cody B (ag) wrote: I really liked this. Some of the most savage insults I've heard in a long time. Also, the cinematography for the cooking shots was amazing! It's kinda hokey, but what Chinese action-comedy isn't? I knew what I was in for going in, but this movie surprised me at just about every turn.

Greg R (mx) wrote: what a strange movie....sort of a cross between james bond and a brit carry-on film....lots of one liners.....interesting russian scenery....makes little sense...great climax shoot-out.....strange but fun

Nick M (es) wrote: You don't have to be a little kid just to like sesame street or this movie

Mark S (gb) wrote: This film was made to shock and offend but somehow at the time it did not have the desired effect. It may be that people of the era were too impressed with its originality. It was perhaps only years after, once the history of cinema was starting to become more fully formed, that a film like this could really stand out as one of the exceptions, nothing like what had gone before and an influence on much after. It wasn't made to be a masterpiece and it doesn't succeed in being one, but it is an interesting early example of someone using film specifically to make a statement rather than make entertainment and/or art.

Ian R (jp) wrote: Very interesting. Good plot. But cheap budget.

Tim K (jp) wrote: Same movie different actors it doesn't seem like it will live up to the legend of the first 3 movies

bill s (gb) wrote: Pure adrenalin rush action movie with little in the way of substance but Statham is good at it.