Table No. 21

Table No. 21

A couple live a mediocre life and are thrilled to have won an exotic vacation to Fiji & their excitement increases when they get a chance to play "Tell all truth" game for a mind boggling prize money. The game begins and the couple discovers that the game isn't really a game, but is a game of survival.

A couple live a mediocre life and are thrilled to have won an exotic vacation to Fiji & their excitement increases when they get a chance to play "Tell all truth" game for a mind boggling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (it) wrote: This film is well-written and well acted, but I still didn't love it. First of all, I always have a hard time with films that are about middle-class or higher, self-absorbed people with their rather insignificant problems. I just don't find them enjoyable to watch, actually they are often rather irritating, some of Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach's films fall into this category. I also didn't like the look of the film. There are a couple amusing moments, and I do like the entire cast, so it had those things going for it. In any case, this is one I'd suggest checking-out for yourself as my gripes with it are more subjective.

Christine B (ag) wrote: Segments don't flow into one another but the material is powerful. Every American should watch this and take control of their own health.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Though the film's subject may not appeal to everyone, it is fascinating how Soderbergh uses a low-budget, experimental approach to take an honest look at the private life of an escort played by porn actress Sasha Grey as she deals with her clients, her work and her boyfriend.

Thomas W (au) wrote: It is the mundane, every day, ordinariness of the Duplass Brothers's (Jay and Mark) films that make them the respected indie-film directors that they are today. Their films -- Cyrus, The Puffy Chair, Baghead and Jeff, Who Lives at Home -- are all solidly grounded pieces of work in a slightly warped reality. This is the Duplass selling point ... one I have allowed myself to enjoy with each of their films (to varying degrees). It is only "slightly-warped" because 85% of their film is realistic and the film-making duo takes one element of normalcy and amplifies beyond belief ... here they do so with two ultra-competitive brothers. While many siblings compete with one another -- the mere title of this film -- implies that that these two take it over the top with a competition of 25 events to one-up the other. We don't get to see all of there here; but the brothers compete ... much to the chagrin of the wife of one of them (the other is un-married -- SUPRISE!) who has set up a weekend birthday party for her husband whom her brother-in-law infiltrates and causes the steady-hubby to go rogue. There are laughs and smiles to be had here -- like all of the Duplass films -- but there are also uncomfortable moments of real-ness which make the films work on a base-line of reality. I appreciate what these guys do. They celebrate the mundane of our everyday lives but also give it a slight twist to make something a bit more interesting. The filmm is quite short (under an hour and a half) and I wish it had carried out a bit further ... I won't get into the why here. This isn't a movie that will win numerous awards; but it is a pleasant way to pass some time.

Gisell B (ca) wrote: This is a tough one...It's either gonna sit well or turn people away. It is VERY dark & twisted. It's depressing, but it's kind of an independent film, and most "indie" sundance/type flicks use real, raw, human issues & angles in the storyline versus say a regular box office movie that makes it into the movie theaters. I liked it, it's hardcore, raw, and dark. It was more artistic to me in that nature, regardless of the storyline, what made it great was that these types of films are made more out of an "artistic" attempt rather than making it to make money, and those movies are usually the best ones. Be warned, it's twisted, but if you like that sort of stuff, you'll like it :)

Andy V (au) wrote: It has every cliche for a sports movie, but it's entertaining enough

Matty M (es) wrote: Taking Lives (2004) for it's time was a very well made film, even looking at this film lately I still enjoyed it. Angelina Jolie has always been an amazing actress and to have Ethan Hawke just made it even better. Now in comparative to other films within this time and of course on the same genre and similar story Taking Lives still stood up to the rest. For the most part the story was fairly good, a few wholes in the dialog, and of course a few of the cast there could've been better but all and all the film was a fair one.I've always liked these type of stories in a movie, and of course the thriller based suspense murder films have always got my attention, this is one that I can say I thoroughly enjoyed for what it was.

Brian P (kr) wrote: Weak movie. VERY WEAK

Ricky M (ca) wrote: Easily on of director Sidney Lumet's best! Awesome flick from the get go....Ricky Miller, 6-7-13

Tracey C (ag) wrote: Great aussie film made.Pretend to be gay.

danny d (ag) wrote: this was a decent film. near the bottom of my list for bergman films, really the whole trilogy is not among my favorites of his work. the acting was great and bergman got some wonderful shots. this movie was very slow however, and you really sort of miss the point until the last 30 minutes or so. a very simple film taking place on a single set, this film was made to convey a very simple point about hope and faith. the final scene is really great, and the move towards a more theater feel in bergmans work is interesting, but overall not among his best.

Roger J (de) wrote: The end scenes were rather silly... and badly acted.

Jennifer B (kr) wrote: My ultimate favorite Mickey and Judy movie! Not only is this their best acting wise, but the film incorporates the best of the Gershwin songs with great numbers like "But Not For Me", "Could You Use Me?", and "I've Got Rhythm" (with the famous Tommy Dorsey orchestra!).

Private U (de) wrote: The origins of so much modern comedy and done in such a pure form. Love it but one for the purists among us.

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: A sweet, occasionally funny family film.