Tai fong lo chin

Tai fong lo chin


After being framed for embezzlement, Nick is sent to prison where he meets professional conman Teddy who teaches him everything he needs to know to be a wise guy. After being released from jail, he agress to work with Teddy to get revenge against Dragon, his mentor's old adversary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasna T (nl) wrote: Would have been better without all the really bad songs.

Sam K (br) wrote: What a great documentary. If you're a big nerd like me, interested in intellectual property issues, sampling, media, & the like, you'll probably enjoy this.

Breann B (gb) wrote: Not particularly entertaining and annoying at some parts.

Abhishek H (gb) wrote: Watch it...pretty good....

Jeff H (us) wrote: I'm going to take crap for this, but hey - I'm a Michael Keaton fan! Total chick flick, and not a very successful one either. Renny Harlin directed his then wife, Gina Davis.

Steve W (au) wrote: Last Hurrah for Chivalry is a very well made buddy martial arts movie. Although the plot is all over the place, its the fight scenes that stand out. They are very cinematic, with some dazzling camera work and just some unique and fresh things not seen before. Things such as extreme close-ups, slow motion, and wonderful cinematography.Scenes such as an extended one on one sword duel, a a 2 vs 2 in a small cage, a tricky sleeping swordsman, and a tough fire breather all make for some very cinematic fight scenes. The ending is a bit sad, but its a very entertaining and early film from John Woo.

Chucky (ru) wrote: June 7th 2012July 7th 2013April 26th 2015

Jack Ronald R (it) wrote: Lame. Might be good background for late night drug fiends but a dull slog for squares demanding coherence, continuity or production value beyond headbanger's ball.

Carl M (kr) wrote: A simple cross-country trip turns into a fierce battle for survival when a group of desert vampires set their sights and Sean and his new traveling companion in THE FORSAKEN. THE FORSAKEN borrows generously from films like NEAR DARK and John Carpenter's VAMPIRES, only to come off feeling unoriginal and uninspired. We spend the majority of our time with our hero Sean (Kerr Smith), who spends the entire time worrying about his car and making it to his sister's wedding despite the unholy terrors that are unfolding around him. Johnathon Schaech serves as a decent villain, but his vampire cohorts range from being minor annoyances to complete distractions. Phina Oruche's ungodly performance, in particular, detracts from everything else that is occurring on screen. The action and horror are both bland and predictable, and although the plot introduces some interesting new ideas to the vampire mythos, it frequently contradicts itself. If we are to believe that vampirism is a virus, why would killing the head vampire cure anyone that has been bitten? Overall, THE FORSAKEN is familiar and bloody enough to earn a passing grade for vampire fans.

Hunter D (mx) wrote: A lot of blaxploitation classics stand-up mostly because of their soundtrack, and not necessarily because of the quality of the films themselves. I'm thinking specifically of SUPERFLY and SHAFT, both of which feature incredible, iconic soundtracks, but haven't aged well at all as movies. BLACK CAESAR features a soundtrack by James Brown that is little-discussed by comparison, but perhaps its because it compliments what is a very strong film so well that it doesn't stand out due to everything around it being weaker by comparison. BLACK CAESAR is one of the very best the blaxsploitation genre has to offer, it has a tight script by Larry Cohen, who brings his natural ear for dialogue and his keen eye for action to the direction as well. James Brown's soundtrack enhances every scene, and Fred Williamson is an imposing lead. Essentially what Larry Cohen did was take the formula of the Warner Bros. gangster movies from the thirties like LITTLE CAESAR and PUBLIC ENEMY and inject black culture into it, creating an homage to the genre while at the same time making a great movie for a black audience. BLACK CAESAR doesn't get a lot of discussion when people think of blaxsploitation, which is a shame, since it's a lot better than the films people often hold up as icons of the genre.