Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a 1963 film based on the historical legend of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. As per the legend Shah Jahan created the Taj Mahal in fond remembrance and as a tomb for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It was a commercial and critical hit, but is remembered most for its music.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:Urdu
  • Reference:Imdb
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It was at the Meena Bazar that Shehzada Khurram first laid eyes on Arjuman Banu. When their eyes met it was love at first sight for both of them. When Queen Noor Jehan, one of the wives of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill J (ru) wrote: The cameraman couldn't keep the camera still. And terrible actors

Sara D (nl) wrote: Pattica, avergonzante, irritante . No el documental, sino la triste realidad.

Lucas Lockas W (jp) wrote: "Earthquakes are just Mother Nature having an orgasm listening to March of the Penguins. Penguins didn't exist until Morgan Freeman made that movie..... He's THAT good."

Olivier B (de) wrote: An empty last installment of this overrated franchise.

Harry W (gb) wrote: The film which famously won Geoffreyt Rush the Academy Award for Best Actor, I had to see Shine to witness a landmark film in Australian cinema.I've seen so many biopics in my life that the formula has grown tiring for me, and Shine has many elements of such formula in its story. Whiel part of its style allows it to transcend the usual limitations, most of the time it follows the same basic way of storytelling and sense of fictionalising reality by including elements solely for the dramatic liberty. One of the most common criticisms of Shine is the way that it fictionalises the relationship between David Helfgott with his father Peter Helfgott whom the film depicts as being a tyrannical brute. While this particular plot element is a very powerful and striking dramatic aspect of the story, the reality ot it has been widely disputed and it makes it difficult to be sure of what is and isn't true in the story. But then again, the filmmakers did go through extensive effort to find this information and have argued that it is true, so there is really no way to tell for sure what happened in the young life of David Helfgott. But still, in terms of drama, this proves effective and entertaining.One element of the film that gives me a mixed response is what specifically it focuses on in regards to David Helfgott's life. I appreciate the way that it goes into so much focus about him developing as a child because that shows how he progresses as a human being into the magnificent musical artist that he is, but its a problem because that means that Geoffrey Rush receives little screen time. He has about four minutes of screen time during the first hour of of the film, and he doesn't officially enter until the one hour mark has been passed. So despite playing the lead in the film, he only receives so much screen time which is approximately less than the actor who portrays the younger David Helfgott, Noah Taylor. The fact is that Geoffrey Rush is magnificent in Shine but he only receives less than about 50% of screentime and so he isn't precisely the lead actor to the extent that I had expected.The only other issue is that the tone of the film is a bit flawed. There is constantly a level of optimism in the theme which means that there is only a certain extent to which the drama can flourish, and in the second half of the film everything is so cheerful that the drama feels like it has subsided. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the passionate lighthearted experience, but as a film I just feel like it comes up short with handling drama as much as it could have. But then again, I guess that's just part of the style of the film having its focus all from the perspective of David Helgoff's mind.But despite the somewhat conventional storytelling in the film and the fact that Geoffrey Rush does not really come in until halfway through, Shine proves to be a really entertaining film.The visual depiction of everything was magnificent. It takes viewers a while to realise what it is actually doing becauusethe style of everything is rather subtle in certain retrospects. With cleverly placed cinematography, Shine ends up visually great. It follows a somewhat standard style during a lto of the scenes, but during the ones where the atmosphere grows more intense and focuses on how it depicts the mind of Dadiv Helgoff, this is where it becomes understanding. This can be seen as allegorical becasuse the style of the film is conventional when it depicts all the other characters but intense and artistic when focusing on David Helfgott. By that I mean that it implies most people in the world are conventional thinkers but David Helfgott is off in his own world, and considering that his state of psychology led to a mental breakdown and spending time in mental institutions. Visually, Shine has some really great moments thanks to the fine cinematography style of the film and how it is edited at a very timely pace, and so the Academy Award nominated direction of Scott Hicks is terrific.And importantly, thanks in part to the strength of Jan Sardi's Academy Award nominated screenplay, the acting in Shine comes out excellently and transcends the narrative flaws of the film by making the tale seem so organic.Geoffrey Rush made such an impact that shortly after he entered the screen just over an hour into the film that I completely forgot he had been essentially absent from the spotlight for the first part of the film. Geoffrey Rush was so perfectly on par in the role of David Helfgott that there is no denying the deserving recognition of both the Academy Award for Best Actor and Golden Globe in the same category. Geoffrey Rush is spot on in the role of David Helfgott because his line delivery is so stuck into the complex mentality of David Helgoff that he sinks so deeply into the character and never breaks free of it. He embodies the man with all the complex mentality excellently because he keeps himself physically isolated inside the mind of the character and expresses his own way of thinking with extremely quick line delivery and impulsive physical actions. Geoffrey Rush loses himself in the mind of another character but maintains his wisdom as an actors so that the actions of the characters seem organic instead of forced, and it is just an exceptional performance. Geoffrey Rush makes David Helfgott a compelling character who is very easy to sympathise for, and he plays the piano with hands of a true artist which shows off his versatile skills, transcended mostly by his incredible skills as an actor. Geoffrey Rush is just perfect in Shine. Noah Taylor does an exceptional job as well because he plays the part of David Helfgott with the same kind of spirit and natural acting skill that Geoffrey Rush uses. He puts a lot of charismatic young spirit into the part exceptionally well and takes on the role with serious passion which is very skilfully exectuted. Like Hugh O'Conor in the role of young Christy Brown in My Left Foot, Noah Taylor faces the challenge of playing a younger version of a role that would win another actor an Academy Award. But he just nails it with perfection and compellign spirit which is so admirable. Noah Taylor does an amazing job in the role of young David Helgoff and makes the film a much better experience than it already was.Although the extent of actual realism surrounding his character is ambiguous, Armim Mueller-Stahl does a powerful job in his performance as Peter Helfgott because of the intensity in his chemistry with Noah Taylor. He is so fearlessly dedicated to striking an angry passion in the part that it makes a seriously powerful impact on the story. Armim Mueller-Stahl delivers his lines with raw emotional power and injects fierce phsyicality into the role as well so that he engages emotional strength to match the phsyical aspect of his performance, and his supporting performance is just excellent.Lynn Redgrave does her part as well.So despite some narrative flaws and an inconsistent tone, Shine is a visually stylish tale which boasts an exceptional performance from Geoffrey Rush at his true high point.

Karsh D (ag) wrote: Whilst some of the slapstick elements don't work most of the deadpan quips and one liners hit the funny bone. Price plays a funeral director who has fallen on hard times and goes to extreme measures to make a killing.

Miguel R (jp) wrote: Completely underrated, Hereafter is a sad, but emotional drama about death that will make you cry