Take The Bridge is a 2007 independent film from Sergio M. Castilla about four young adults who all try to commit suicide on the same day and how they meet up and become friends. The film Premiering at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

The lives of two strangers - a struggling mother and a gambling addict - meet in tragedy. Years pass, and they must come to terms with themselves, and one another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew Y (it) wrote: Strong narrative with a great performance by Jessica Chastain

Liam B (ru) wrote: Perfect!! Tim Burton back on top form

Kenny F (us) wrote: Great to see he overcame his demons.

Amy M (gb) wrote: Fun and twisted, but it got a little too implausible in the final act.

Isadore H (it) wrote: Definitely less superior than the original, and somehow the cgi blood got worse than the predecessor. However, despite its predictable plot and mostly bland acting (aside from Eva Green, who was spectacular) 300:Rise of an empire still has the Zach Snyder visual flair most action film fans love to see, and it's watachable just for that.

Alejandro S (br) wrote: Es obvio que me tarde mucho en ver finalmente este filme. Honestamente no crea que fuera bueno o divertido. Y alegremente me equivoqu, ya que es muy bueno y muy divertido! Gracias a un amigo, ya pude ver esta entretenida pelcula donde las risas inician desde el puro comienzo del filme e incluso hasta en los crditos finales uno sigue riendo. Un slido elenco principal con Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence y finalmente William H. Macy como nunca lo haba visto, ya que siempre he considerado que es un gran actor, pero no lo haba visto en un rol cmico y es sin duda quien se roba el show, pero ciertamente la qumica de los cuatro actores y su interaccin es la frmula para el xito de la pelcula. Marisa Tomei est en la pelcula???!!! Oh, por Dios! Cmo no haba visto esta cinta antes???!!! Marisa Tomei... YES!!! La cinta tiene una premisa sencilla y lgica de entender, y creo que eso es lo mejor para poder echar a andar una trama y entrar en materia casi de inmediato. Realmente divertida y entrenida. Oh, y si son fans de las cintas "road trips" y/o de motocicletas, hay un cameo genial. No traten de averiguarlo, solo vean la pelcula y disfrtenla!

David C (ca) wrote: Not bad, there's a clear influence from The Matrix and The Terminator post-apocalyptic world. Worthwhile watching for sci-fi fans.

Leah M (mx) wrote: This movie is kinda gay...but I LOVE it!

Ali T (au) wrote: classic but not the best one .

Altered E (it) wrote: Look closely, and you can see the exterior shots of the spaceship are actually just stolen frame for frame from the original Battlestar Galactica show. Predictable but meandering plot (with transparently pro-apartheid overtones), but filmed so ineptly that it's fun to watch, more fun to heckle.

Ewan R (de) wrote: One of the greatest performances of all time, Terry Malloy is dumb and brutish on one hand, gentle and caring on the other, Spending his time either tending to his pigeons on the roof or running errands for the local mob, he doesn't fit anywhere. A thrilling tale about conscience and morality, it is films like this that need to be passed down.

David E (ca) wrote: The follow up to Saludos Amigos, but with a fairly substantial format change. The collection of shorts is jettisoned in favour of a series of loosely connected dance sequences. Even at only 70 minutes, it feels overly long, with the dances not interesting enough to carry it and the humour to sparse to help. Worth seeing only as a curiosity for its place in the Disney canon.

Austin F (us) wrote: 92% Mike Myers is as charmingly goofy as his screenwriting for this comedy classic spy movie satire that comes with more than plenty of laughs.

David M (ru) wrote: Oft-imitated but never bettered, this is the film that (to the best of my knowledge) launched Bruce Willis - back when he still had hair! - to movie stardom.It was also a tonal shift away from the action heroes of the early to mid 80s: here, John McClane is just the wrong man in the wrong place at the right time, rather than the one-man-army of either Stallone's Rambo or just about any of Schwarzenegger output! Bloodied and beat up by the end of the movie, Willis's McClean is perhaps more relatable than the likes of John Rambo: ironic, therefore, that later films in the series seem to turn him more and more into just that type of character!

Craig F (de) wrote: Natural performances boost the film beyond what it should have amounted to. The script failed to grab me emotionally but nevertheless it's still a fun, likable indie. The incredible soundtrack helps.