Kevin Mitnick is quite possibly the best hacker in the world. Hunting for more and more information, seeking more and more cyber-trophies every day, he constantly looks for bigger challenges. When he breaks into the computer of a security expert and an ex-hacker, he finds one - and much more than that...

This film is based on the story of the capture of computer hacker "Kevin Mitnick". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Omar A (br) wrote: Difcil de ver por lo brutal, crudo y el estilo de narracin, pero al final me parece una gran pelicula.Me gustara decir que es surrealista, pero es hiperrealista para nuestra mala suerte.

Alex F (es) wrote: A fun entertaining buddy cop comedy for what it is, but some of the characters feel too over the top or cartoony and sometimes the plot takes itself too seriously for its own good.

Vivian G (us) wrote: For some resin this one is my favorite of the bring it on series and great music and charters!

Jonathan L (fr) wrote: Don't see why the critics panned this so much. It's an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half with the kids and is more than a little better than the over-the-top cutesie, powder puff, Disney sequel crap we're forced to sit through. It may not be enough for older audiences, but you realise this is a PG and the film demographic adults right??

A person a (au) wrote: awesomeest movie ever

Harry W (nl) wrote: Comes a Horseman succeeds because it's a western not about the west, but about the people coming to terms with the changing western civilisation in a strongly character driven story.It achieves this through its western medium of storytelling, which allows it to mirror the western style through use of stylish atmosphere as created by the excellent scaled cinematography and fine editing, with the addition of a wonderful musical score. Visually, Comes a Horseman is excellent for these purposes amongst others.The others are the wonderful locations Comes a Horseman is filmed on which are rich with colour in a sepia manner, making it bright and yet dull to reflect the life of the world the characters live in as well as the underdevelopment of the society in comparison to more city-based social norms. It's a cleverly stylish tale, and somewhat symbolic in the right manner, and so Comes a Horseman is easy to remember as being a beautifully shot film and one of the memorable westerns that tackles ranch life of a real cowboy or cowgirl, as opposed to a tale relating to the basis of the myth of who the cowboy really is and what he represents. Comes a Horseman brings the spirit of the cowboy back and gives the values to a female character played by Jane Fonda who has no issue understanding and conveying them throughout this western dramatic.Neither does James Caan who without fear manages to step into the role of Frank "Buck" Athearn and matches Jane Fonda's screen presence without overshadowing her, making them a good dual role for the screen with fine chemistry. They are a strong duo of cowboys, even with Jane Fonda being a female. Maybe it takes an understanding of what a cowboy actually is to appreciate it and understand what I mean, but that's what makes Comes a Horseman a western worth seeing.Richard Farnsworth flawlessly steps up from a career of being nothing but an extra or an uncredited stuntman into the important role of an actor, and he takes the opportunity by storm to show off all that he has had brewing inside him for so many years as his passion for acting has clearly burned. He is an absolute natural as an actor, and he stands out in screen even against the two time Academy Award winners Jason Robards and Jane Fonda who actually won her second Oscar that year, as well as nominee James Caan. Richard Farnsworth just supplies a certain sense of friendliness and wisdom to his role, and he's just great. His Academy Award nomination is well deserved.And as usual, Jason Robards is a great villain through his ability to manipulate words.So although it's a slow paced story and is more of a character driven western than one focused on shootouts and horse chases, Alan J. Pakula's fine direction, great performances and beautiful scenery make Comes a Horseman a memorable film.

David Z (gb) wrote: with a title like that and Phyllis Diller how can you loose?

Chrisanne S (fr) wrote: Nice to see the old faces out and about. Half adventure and half mystery it's entirely unpredictable. Great performances by all (especially Greene, Niven and Sanders who is actually a hero).

Marion R (br) wrote: Pirate movie! I liked it. It was interesting and I liked the sword fighting.