A kidnapped businessman, finding out that no one is willing to pay the ransom to save his life, befriends his aggressor.

A kidnapped businessman, finding out that no one is willing to pay the ransom to save his life, befriends his aggressor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Taken torrent reviews

LordBishop34 (gb) wrote: Well I recognized three actors here and two were completely wasted. The film is terrible, the acting and writing pathetic and the main ending is predictable. I was hoping for something good here but it never rose above a High School production.

khalid m (kr) wrote: liked the last 25mins......

Scott R (au) wrote: total dud unless you are the youngest of kids

Jacob M (es) wrote: A very good directorial debut from Guillermo del Toro.

Bob S (ca) wrote: The heaviness of this serious, emotional and bleak drama weighs down a film that includes a terrific performance by Dreyfuss. The star plays a man who recently became a quadriplegic and is faced with tough decisions about life and death. The film (which is adapted from a play) crosses the line from entertainment to social commentary and will disconnect viewers as a result. There are some fun stand-alone scenes for you to escape the gravitas; such as, the covert cannabis concert put on by the patient(TM)s favourite porter.

Cassandra M (ag) wrote: This film along with the later "Birdcage" should be compulsory viewing for all late teen agers at school. I found both films enjoyable but then I had already been to see the Stage show the films are based on, about 22 times at latest count. The show/film is a study of true love between two gay men being tried and tested and shown to be true. I can recommend both films, but I do SO wish they would make a true film of the stage show, after all, the story the film is based on is actually a Musical. Remember, the Supreme Gay Anthem << "I am what I am!" >> is taken from the musical stage production. Watch either of the two films and come away with satisfaction, see the stage show and weep with joy. Having said all of that, I did find "La Cage 2" made me cringe a bit. sorry.

Steve W (nl) wrote: I didn't like it. There's not much of a story or plot, but I did like Henry Fonda's final western performance. The theme of the whole stardom/retirement thing is good, but the movie is very aimless and drags for a big portion.

Santana L (mx) wrote: this seems like a movie my dad would watch and make us watch with him

Zoran S (es) wrote: A very great film. It's extremely nuanced and precise in its visuals, overwhelmingly so. The performances are all perfect especially Dean Martin.

Thomas D (ag) wrote: What's so great about Film-noir's is that they thrust the audience into uncomfortable and alienating situations. While Key Largo is in most ways a lighter noir, it still creates a great amount dread and ominous situations, all a tribute to John Huston's wonderful direction here. Key Largo re-teamed Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall for the 4th and final time and it is yet another gem in their resumes. Lionel Barrymore, Edward G. Robinson, and Claire Trevor round out a tremendously talented cast. It helps that Key Largo is based on a play which gives the actors plenty of room to thrive in this crime drama film noir. Trevor won the Oscar for supporting actress and she's incredible, but Barrymore never fails to amaze me in a wheelchair. Between this, You Can't Take it With You, and It's a Wonderful Life, he has gave me some of the most enjoyable movie experiences, so thank you Mr. Barrymore.The film delves into a man's (Bogart) post World War II trip to his friends hotel when they are stranded with a bunch of gangsters during a hurricane. The premise itself thrives as a stage production by it also manages to give us an engaging and thrilling cinematic experience as well. I love how there is never any real assurance from the writing or direction that this film will be a happy ending, which makes it such a great noir. A hurricane and a bunch of gangsters? The only actor qualified for such circumstances has to be the one and only Humphrey Bogart.In all seriousness, Key Largo is a really good film. With a setting that sticks to the confinement of the hotel for 90% of the film, I can't speak highly enough of the directing and acting. It's difficult to make an action film with plenty of vivacious settings to be engaging for 90 minutes but Key Largo manages to it with one hotel, that's impressive. The character arcs of both Robinson's Johnny Rocco and Bogart's Frank Mcloud are interestingly paralleled. Both have nowhere to go or fit in and they both plenty of desires and hopes. To me, the scenes between both of them were the most fascinating. So overall, Key Largo is a classic. It gives you everything you want from a noir standpoint, while also creating a solid crime thriller in the process.+Direction+Barrymore always steals the show+Noir elements8.7/10

Jean C (nl) wrote: Fantastic archival footage and dramatization based on Turing's writings and people who knew him.