A convict studies law in prison and becomes a lawyer to seek revenge against the corrupt police officer who framed him on the very day of his marriage.

A convict studies law in prison and becomes a lawyer to seek revenge against the corrupt police officer who framed him on the very day of his marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared F (nl) wrote: quite enjoyable film. happy I had the chance to take part of it.

Sarah H (nl) wrote: So the Caroline in the City reuinion seems like it would be better than it was. It's UBER cheese-tastic! Even the kiddies will be making fun of how cheap they were on this. Seriously a comicon with hardy any weirdos dressed up...seriously?

Paul D (jp) wrote: Politics, intrigue, murder, and big names in every scene. It should be a winner, but it's a deadly dull mystery - no pun intended.

Jessica L (es) wrote: Focused and engaging from the start, Fincher's films never disappointed. The real facts in this case mesmerizes me.

Dilcia A (br) wrote: luv it my favorite movie

Aaron K (us) wrote: Ridiculously over the top and I loved it.

Danielle D (mx) wrote: I enjoy this movie. Don't get me wrong the plot is old, the special effects and filming are neh, and the charterers are one dimensional. Still -- I think Halle Berry perfectly capture the attitude, personality, and spirit of a catwoman.

sherry b (es) wrote: Sweet, non-conventional, romantic comedy with sincerity, quirk, brains, wit, driven by unique, diverse & beautifully flawed characters. Fun but not cliche.

Jarrett S (de) wrote: This movie is racist as shit and here's why:1.) An affluent Black family gets torn apart by an English fisherman's secret love affair with their daughter. It doesn't work out, so she becomes a drugged out prostitute!?2.) The local crime boss (who is Black) that dealt the daughter drugs, goes by the name of Nigger Rich. Viewers are made aware of this, as his car's windshield says nigger in big bold letters and the word nigger is actually shaved out on the back of his head!?3.) Local black teen gets beat down by the English police officers as they call him nigger.4.) Innocent Black people die through out the entire film as the English fisherman of whom created the chain of events, gets away scott free.If I ever run into the director, I'll be sure to give him a piece of my mind.

Mary B (us) wrote: This simple story made me feel so much inside. It's the most beautiful love story. Watch it if you can.

Vedran S (mx) wrote: It's a teen horror film with a cast that fits the cliche, what did you expect?! forget your intellectualism and it's rather enjoyable.

Luke H (it) wrote: It is a good solid Eastwood western.

Charlie B (us) wrote: Well, at least it was better than "Godzilla Raids Again"...

Mr Movie R (ru) wrote: Very fun and interesting. A little long but definitely worth watching.

Johnny W (es) wrote: A classic for kids and families!!!

Carlton J (us) wrote: It was a brilliant piece of enchanted realities. Moving back and forth between 3 periods of time 1500, 2000, 2500 it seemed to convey the timelessness of the human spirit and the infinity of love.