Takumi-kun shirîzu: Ano, hareta aozora

Takumi-kun shirîzu: Ano, hareta aozora


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Takumi-kun shirîzu: Ano, hareta aozora torrent reviews

Lauri M (ru) wrote: dark, odd & good movie. meditation on celebrity-status, loneliness, violence and art.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: probably the worst acting i've seen - even gina gershon's hotness couldn't override the fact that she sported a completely terrible, and unnecessary british accent.i don't see how a director can shoot a movie like this and not stop within the first day of shooting. There is no way they could've possibly thought this was good. And forget about the feeling of "we got it."and really, i don't care what kind of glasses and/or clothing you put on gina gershon, hell you can mess up her hair and probably remove all of her makeup, she is drop dead gorgeous and does not even for a second make me think she's the aloof, socially inept biologist she plays in this movie.

Tim G (es) wrote: Cant buy it in Europe thats soo bad

Matteo F (ru) wrote: RECENT movie that shows the debate between anarchy and fascism in an absolute and irrealistic way as well. But why? For choose who's the worst? Why we have to do that? An irreligious that loves do blasphemy things (?why? He mustn't believe in God, why he have to insolt someone who don't believe???) and a psychic clinique with a 1700 dualistic view? which kind of crazy comparation is this? What kind of value should have an absolutistic debate? Seriously, watching this movie I've spend my time pointlessly

Greg B (jp) wrote: I enjoyed it, it had everything a pot(drug) movie needs except for hallucinations, lol! And the story flowed well, it was very intrigueing. Great cast of characters as well.

Conner R (fr) wrote: A great double feature from two of the greatest horror directors. The stories are simple yet very enjoyable. Harvey Keitel sure seemed to have a fun time killing cats and making life-size duplicates of his girlfriend. The other story was almost too perfect for Romero, zombie husbands. I felt that these two stories were a great homage to Edgar Allen Poe as well as a unique type of horror.

Zachary C (nl) wrote: It's really not that great. I watched this one day because I was very bored and I won't deny it has some historical value, but it just had no plot whatsoever. Ralph Bakshi wrote the screenplay and he had the power as a Director to change the script heck he had that power while he was writing the freakin' thing. But it just wasn't good enough. Believe me I wanted to like this movie, but it wasn't that great. It was funny, but it was not that great.

Eric B (ca) wrote: I know "Diary of a Country Priest" is a universally renowned classic but, sorry, I really did not enjoy this much. I can't relate to wallowing in this sort of miserable piety, and the lead actor has the same dazed, wounded expression on his face throughout the entire film. I have a pet peeve about overuse of narration which this movie certainly violated, and the shapeless, orchestral smears of the score seem quite maudlin and old-fashioned today. I can easily imagine someone else raving about how delicate and lovely Bresson's directing touch is, but I was counting the minutes until the finish. If I crave an old film about a troubled priest, I'll reach for "Nazarin" or "Winter Light" instead.

Emma H (kr) wrote: I didnt had much expectation for this movie from all bad credits it has. But I must say that it surprised me in a very good way. I wouldnt call it a very creppy horro movie but a nice triller that got me on edge, and maked shills with smal jumps on some parts. For me that is easy spoked this movie was just perfect! Some parts could have been changed to the better or been more explained, maybe even happened some more things. But over all I like it alot and I think Camilla Belle did her part very good in her reactions and feelings. The ending was so great that I can watch a second movie if anyone dear to make one in these bad credits, many years after.