Tale of the Mummy

Tale of the Mummy

When an archaeological expedition opens an ancient Egyptian tomb, the unimaginable evil of a cursed pharaoh is unleashed.

On their greedy search for treasure, a group of archaeologists discovers the tomb of Talos, and unfortunately vanishes without a trace under the cursed power, leaving behind only a diary. Fifty years later, one granddaughter of them finds the diary and defiantly sets out a quest to find out what had happened to her grandfather, a journey that brings killing and mass destruction to the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tale of the Mummy torrent reviews

Rob R (ca) wrote: This is not a movie, it is a public service announcement for out of touch Abercrombie kids to other Abercrombie kids about how good they really have it. This feels more like a college project of, "Look what we did while on vacation" than a serious documentary.

Al C (fr) wrote: In hindsight, this movie is even worse than when I first saw it.

Albertus A (de) wrote: Unrealistic, boring at times, poorly acted, and a waste of money. Why do they have to make everything so complicated and weird?

chris m (br) wrote: Good b movie its lighthearted and doesnt take itself too seriously

Stephanie S (fr) wrote: My favorite movie of all time. Getting "Constant Total Amazement" (part of a quote from the movie) tattooed on my arm next month. This film never fails to cheer me up. It offers a beautiful reminder of the incredible things life has to offer and how easy it is to pass them by.

Stuart M (es) wrote: Entertaining '30s comedy with terrible role models. Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn make an entertaining onscreen couple.