Talento de barrio

Talento de barrio

A young drug dealer falls in love while facing disruption among the men in his gang, and being offered a career as a Reggaetón singer.

A young drug dealer falls in love while facing disruption among the men in his gang, and being offered a career as a Reggaetón singer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew D (it) wrote: My first ever Tyler Perry experince and I loved it. Well done keep this going man.. you have done me proud

Ahmed M (ru) wrote: One of the best thriller/comedy movie Bollywood has made ever, or in a very long time.

Josiah M (kr) wrote: My movie elitism trumps any of my nerd impulses to say this was a good movie. It just wasn't, and whatever statement Hamill is trying to make against Hollywood fails.

Nolan M (fr) wrote: Johnny Depp is terrific as an inspector out to catch Jack the Ripper in 19th century London.

Mandy P (kr) wrote: "Crosses Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Home Alone" ??? Gag.

Grayson L (de) wrote: This movie should be shown in every African American history classroom.

Sarfara A (es) wrote: Charro Starring Elvis Presley This is another western film of Elvis Presley since classic Flaming Star '60. In this beautiful western, Elvis is Jess Wade a former outlaw, who has taken straight-path. Very deep character Elvis plays here, set-design of the film is very colorful and extravaganza for the film to be released in 1969, even some western-movies which were made in 60's had something missing from set-design. I resemble slightly the character of Jess Wade to the character of Dude played by Dean Martin in Rio Bravo '59

Carlos M (it) wrote: Kurosawa's classic film that served as a major inspiration for other directors like Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino, employing a curious, dark sense of humor in a very entertaining samurai story that also features a great performance by Toshiro Mifune.

Rami K (kr) wrote: A powerful movie that significantly raised the bar for western movie productions until the emergence of the spaghetti westerns ten years later. A common western film theme of the skilled gunfighter (Alan Ladd as Shane) trying hard to steer away from his violent past; in this case finding solace in settling in with a homesteading family. But, evil comes a calling and the gunfighter is forced back to his gun to save his adopted family from evil landgrabbers who up the ante by hiring a professional gunfighter (Jack Palance). The theme itself is far from unusual for western movies. The difference in this production was the clever way the storyline was shrouded in mysteries. Mysteries that make the viewer think and think and think. One measure of a successful movie production, in fact, is its ability to keep the viewer thinking about what he or she saw, many weeks, months or even years later. Did the homesteader's wife (Jean Arthur) fall for our hero? Did her son (Brandon De Wilde) admire our hero more than he did his farmer father (Van Heflin)? The ending was the most intriguing puzzle of them all; does Shane ride off wounded into the night to die alone or is he off to simply rejoin the ways of the gunfighter in realization that it is not possible to escape being a gunfighter and simply reenter the productive hardworking civilian family life. In support of the first case scenario the production has the hero gliding through a graveyard as he rides out of the movie into the night slightly slumped and nursing a stiffened wounded arm. The second scenario is supported by a handful of innuendos sprinkled throughout the movie about the endless fate of gunfighters to remain part of that violent subculture, unable to simply revert into a peaceful profession.The boy's admiration for the hero, best illustrated in his desperate cries for Shane to come back, as the hero rides out of the movie into the night, touched the hearts of a whole generation of young boys growing up in the 50s and 60s becoming one of the movie industry's most iconic scenes ever. Whether the boy's cries are interpreted as cries for a departing security screen or as cries from a broken heart; coming of age boys learned that as you admired your father, it was also perfectly permissible to simultaneously idolize an alter hero role model as portrayed by the mysterious savior riding out of the mist to sacrificially face up to evil that threatens the order of which you are a part.The breathtaking majestic mountain scenery of the blue-gray Grand Tetons in Wyoming as backdrop was a valuable addition to the Shane story adding an ingredient of natural awe to the unfolding subplots of the storyline. The theme song of the film "The Call of the Faraway Hills" parallels the backdrop of the entire story. The hero image is cleverly played up in the production as the camera tracks our hero's long horseback trot at dusk into town for the climatic showdown, with the soundtrack accentuating the image of the lone hero riding back into the life that he had failed to shed. The power of this movie is its ability to glorify the gunfighter as it wraps him in pathos.

Ben L (it) wrote: I have a strange affinity for these high school rom-coms, so I kind of expected I would like John Tucker Must Die more than most people. I think that connection I have with the genre helped me to get some enjoyment out of what is largely a bad movie. The story will be familiar to everyone, because it's not original. It centers around the star of the basketball team who is dating at least 3 girls at the same time, and they all find out about it. Despite what the title implies this just leads them to seek revenge, not through physical violence, but in the form of humiliation and perhaps giving him a taste of his own medicine. I kind of liked the cast, because they all seemed content to fall into their individual stereotypes, which fit the movie well. The biggest flaw in the casting is simply the fact that Brittany Snow is too likable and attractive to be this outcast wallflower that they expect her to be. At the very least put her in thick glasses and give her an ugly outfit, so you get that typical Cinderella transformation when they doll her up in order to attract John Tucker. Aside from that strange choice, most of this movie is paint-by-numbers out of the teen rom-com playbook. I do have to mention one particular scene, where John Tucker is given estrogen. This scene started out hilarious, but then devolved into a horrible parody of femininity. I found myself squirming in my chair thinking "Good grief, this is what the screenwriter thinks women are like?" The finale worked alright, because everyone ends up where you want them to, although I found it odd that they never give any resolution for the 3 ex-girlfriends. John Tucker Must Die is a substandard representation of the genre, so I doubt I'd ever recommend it.

Jack H (jp) wrote: pretty good for a straight to dvd thriller. muddled with annoying dialogue and poor acting that make you wonder if your really just watching a celebrity cameo. josh hutcherson is suppose to be 15 but her looks way older and I always have a problem when movies do that. it takes away from the relatability. all the characters feel forced and bored with themselves. but I say good for straight to dvd because it does have nice quality and you cant expect much from a movie that was probably forced to dvd.

Paul K (gb) wrote: Pretty good. A fable, naturally, and a predictable story arc - but worthy and well acted. Flimsy in parts. Juliette is watchable, as ever.