Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt

Five people find themselves in a tomb. The Crypt keeper explains why they are there through a series of frightening stories. Based on the classic comic book.

Five people get lost in a crypt and meet up with a strange crypt keeper who tells them stories of how they died. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dane P (au) wrote: Filled to the brim with empty artiness pretentiousness with no substance... Stop... If you're going to make a "deep" arthouse film.... have some engagement with a story and characters. Don't dwindle and give us stuff anyone can film

Jason T (au) wrote: A cute movie with some laughs and nice performances. Story drags a little and not very original but a nice rental and nice to see Kathleen Turner again.

Jenna G (gb) wrote: I'm missing Downton Abbey something fierce so I figured it was about time that I watch Gosford Park. The cast is amazing, especially Helen Mirren & Maggie Smith. There are so many characters to get familiar with in such a short amount of time, but I enjoyed it.

Rosa K (jp) wrote: I had just seen this on the weather channel this movie is not that bad even if it is old.

Harry W (ru) wrote: You can never be sure of what to expect from a filmmaker like John Waters, but as I found Cecil B. Demented to be a strange but interesting film, I decided to give the better received Serial Mom a chance.Like all of John Waters' films, Serial Mom is another example of a strange and satirical black comedy. Although in comparison to some of his more excessively high energy and violent films, it is a bit of a step back since it doesn't have the gritty edge of his better works. It has the satire, but it doesn't go about it in the most radical or powerful way, so I didn't find it to be one of his better films. While the satire of America's love of murder as well as many of the contradictions of beliefs suggested by society is all present in Serial Mom, the film itself just isn't entertaining. The idea is ok and many of the concepts have strong comedic potential, but Serial Mom fails to take advantage of that and ends up moving at a restrained and slow pace consistently over the course of its 93 minute running time. Serial Mom is restrained in its material a little too much for it to fall into the dark material it attempts to explore. Admittedly, Serial Mom has the same satirical mood of many of John Waters' other films and has him making a social commentary as well as his usual commentary on the film universe, the film ends up feeling too light to be a film about a serial killer and falls into being a tame comedy. Although John Waters attempts to establish the mood of a light comedy for a film about a serial killer, it feels a little too light to truly soar when it needs to be a dark comedy so that its material is really appropriate as a John Waters piece.Serial Mom could have been a lot better if it had a darker atmosphere because the light atmosphere makes it feel a bit too tame for its own good. If it was gritty and more hardcore, then it would be a lot more entertaining, but because it held itself back and used minimal blood and gore in substitute of satirical dramatics and hit and miss jokes, Serial Mom did not entertain me. John Waters should be the appropriate director of a film like Serial Mom, but he doesn't make it sick and twisted enough to truly soar in its potential. It is one of his much more tame efforts, and although it has its moments, as a whole the film is rudimentary and isnt funny enough or satirically clever enough to truly qualify as great entertainment. It has the ideas, but the execution of the film is flawed.Serial Mom doesn't really have the most consistent path because it is always going off into exploring new subplots which really are not interesting. There are a few too many characters in Serial Mom when it should keep its focus mainly on the titular Serial Mom. Unfortunately, that is not what happens. This is a shame because the lead performance of Kathleen Turner is the best asset that Serial Mom has, and the fact that it fails to really capitalise on that as much as it should leaves it as a scattered film. Serial Mom is funny in parts but rudimentary as a whole. And every one of those funny parts is thanks to Kathleen Turner.Kathleen Turner is hilarious in Serial Mom. Although John Waters' material is strange, Kathleen Turner proves to be able to work it easily. In one of her most over the top comedic performances, Kathleen Turner takes on the role of the titular Serial Mom with ease. She has a certain cold demeanour to her which makes her convincing as a serial killer, and at the same time she balances it well with her natural charm and the ability to play a stereotypical sitcom mother well. She combines dark elements to her character with comedic ones very well and if the atmosphere of the film followed her more closely instead of constantly characterising her as a lightly comedic figure then it could have been a lot better. Kathleen Turner is no problem in Serial Mom and she makes it fairly enjoyable throughout because her line delivery is delightful and she is simply hilarious. Kathleen Turner proves what her over the top comedic talents are all about in Serial Mom and in contrast to her comedic effort in the crime comedy Prizzi's Honour, Serial Mom features her in a lot more of an over the top effort. Serial Mom isn't the best film, but it does serve as a medium to show off the versatility of Kathleen Turner as a comedic actress, so from that perspective it is good to have been made.It is interesting to see Matthew Lillard so early on considering how successful he would later become in films such as Scooby Doo and The Descendants, and even though his character is a warped and awkward teenage boy, Matthew Lillard takes the role on well enough to ensure some entertainment and cringe comedy. Although there is a bit more cringing than there is comedy due to the nature of his character and many other awkward and thinly sketched characters in Serial Mom, Matthew Lillard manages to make an awkward but memorable presence as Chip Sutphin from early on in his career in Serial Mom.Sam Waterson also gives a decent performance where he projects the role of a stereotypical sitcom dad well enough with natural ease, and his chemistry with the surrounding cast members is relaxed and friendly as well.But despite some funny moments and a consistently funny over the top performance from Kathleen Turner, Serial Mom is too tame to be a good John Waters film and too scattered to be a consistently successful comedy so it ends up as an awkward film with a decent premise but unfortunately flawed execution.

Alicyn H (es) wrote: I saw this movie again recently after seeing it for the first time years ago. It was fun to watch again! Burt & Goldie have an awesome chemistry. Audra Lindley was superb as Burt's mother.

Scott H (de) wrote: I'm a sucker for all the Carry On movies when you consider the double meanings that they got away with back in the 60's.

Lady G a (kr) wrote: I really liked this film, for me it had two leading men...Ray was excellent as always, and much love for mel, he still pulls it off.The storyline was right up my street i was gripped in first 10mins. In my collection and watched many times