Tales from the Dark 2

Tales from the Dark 2

The second installment of the Hong Kong horror-film portmanteau series features a nurse spellbound by a cursed pillow, students romping through a haunted school and a deadly encounter ...

In "Haunted Pillow," TVB starlet Fala Chen is still obsessed with her lover (Gordon Lam) after their breakup and invariably suffers from insomnia. She gets hold of a Chinese herbal pillow that eventually helps her fall asleep again but it also draws her near something unexpected. "Hide And Seek" casts a group of young newcomers into an abandoned school campus where they meet longtime janitor Mr. Chan who takes shelter at the school. Playing hide-and-seek after midnight, the teenagers go missing, one after another. In his self-directed piece "Black Umbrella," Teddy Robin makes solving conflicts on the street at night his mission and marks each closed case with his signature black umbrella. Before he calls it a day, he meets a prostitute who forcefully pulls him upstairs for business and unfortunately things spiral out of control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tales from the Dark 2 torrent reviews

Isaiah W (ag) wrote: I was truly suprised by the end of this but the rest of the movie doesn't have the greatest characters and the lead seemed like an idiot in most of the movie and didn't make believeable/dumb decisions

Amirah B (de) wrote: Love the special effect!

Kok F (it) wrote: I realized if I wasn't told that this is a Hsiao-hsien Hou film, I wouldn't know at all. I might probably thought that the director was a Japanese, or perhaps someone else. Throughout the film, there was an intense emotion that never been unsealed. That emotion stays with me after the movie, that yet to be unsealed.

James H (kr) wrote: Well meaning, nicely done with appealing performances. It can be a little slow at times, but it is very pleasant and entertaining. Does well with a low budget. Generally predictable, but there are a couple of surprises.

Wong L (fr) wrote: Director Hur Jin-ho has demonstrated how movies can invoke deep emotions without excess usage of words.

Jason F (nl) wrote: One of my faves as a kid ... worth 5 stars?? Not really, but it was that important to me ...

Matt C (kr) wrote: What if Britain had been occupied? Here, shown in frighteningly good detail.

Mikael K (fr) wrote: This classic melodrama about Italian brothers escaping poverty manages to shock, touch and provoke decades after it was made. A combination of hopefulness and gritty nihilism brings the story a very modern kind of inner tension, resulting in a layered structure. The film uses humor and realistically low-key storytelling but reaches many dramatic and powerful scenes that are integrated perfectly into the story. The plot follows a classic pattern but fleshy acting and good pacing make it work. "Rocco and His Brothers" has the air of something that was very current at the time it was produced and- sadly- most of that currency still applies today in many ways.

Mye W (br) wrote: love really change everything..

Melissa F (it) wrote: Best aerobic movie ever! haha!! I watched this because it seemed so cheesy but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.