Talking Feet

Talking Feet

An east London fishmonger's young daughter (Hazel Ascot) is so grateful to Dr Hood (John Stuart) for saving her dog Patch after a road accident that she persuades her dad and various friends to help stage a concert at the local Hippodrome to raise money to save the local hospital.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:1937
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Talking Feet torrent reviews

Kristen R (au) wrote: a very good movie i thought and well made

Hasan C (de) wrote: A mother takes her daughter to a cruise trip through Mediterranean Sea. She teaches her story and gets in touch with three European women and the ship's captain. Everyone speaks his own language... That's why it's a "Talking picture", a meeting among people of several cultures. The dialogue follow the everyday life. The film seems to be very calm and seems to tell simply a friendship story, until the final scene...

Rodrigo S (ru) wrote: A small sweet film, a major indictment of live under a totalitarian regime.

William W (br) wrote: This was solid and unexpectedly fulfilling--perhaps because I'm a catenthusiast and am neutral towards dogs to begin with. My 13-year-oldson and I enjoyed it very much. I haven't read the book yet, so it'sunnecessary for enjoyment of the movie IMHO. Worth both a purchase andrewatching for genre aficionados. So far, I'm neither much of a fan ofTeague (I had only previously watched 'The Jewel of the Nile', and itwas decent) nor of Stephen King (he's written some great works forhorror, but he's written a lot of dreck and is criminally overrated),but I was really pleasantly surprised by it--and even though it wasmade in the 80's, it's neither cheesy nor dated; it still holds up verywell IMHO.

James O (au) wrote: I wasn't sure if I fell asleep because of tiredness or not but the film didn't help. Aged terribly. Can't believe it was made so recently. Shoddy plot.

Lee P (es) wrote: like a kaleidoscope, it presents new facets every time i watch it. is it for everybody? of course not. i can't imagine it finding distribution today. but that's not really a criticism of the movie, is it?

Jurell D (es) wrote: one of The greatest Samurai Films You Will Ever See! By far!

Aj V (fr) wrote: This sci-fi movie is different from most 50s sci-fi movies. The story has to do with aliens bringing Earth scientist to their planet to help them. The settings are very cool and beautiful. I loved this movie, and I recommend it.

Julie C (it) wrote: Wow, this was one weird crazy movie. It's everything a horror should be, IMO. Scares, suspense, twists, some gore, and a hot girl. Really liked it.

Arjen A (nl) wrote: If you ever see this movie in a bargain bin for under a dollar or euroor whatever buy it. Skip the first hour and just watch the last 10minutes. The effects are so awesom bad you'll laugh your longs out.Never watch the first hour because then you'll think you lost yourmoneys worth with the bad acting, boring plot etc but those last 10minutes are pure comedy gold in sfx. You will be surprised that peoplecan make special effects this bad. I mean literally surprised a phonecan make better effects with a few apps.