Growing up, nothing could separate best friends Vicky and Raju. But when one chooses a career as a respected policeman and the other turns to a life of crime, their affection for one another turns into a feud that could prove lethal for them both. Directed by Ramesh Ahuja, this thrilling Hindi-language tale of friendship, loyalty and betrayal stars Jeetendra, Rajnikanth, Bhanupriya and Amrita Singh.

Raju and Vicky are childhood friends. Both attend the same school, spend time together, participate and excel in the same sports, and are also good in their studies. When the two month ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill F (fr) wrote: Great Family Story. I really enjoyed it. In truth, It has me in tears at the end. Set in LA. Love Kate Hudson. I'm a new gan of Zach Braff.

Stuart B (kr) wrote: Still need to see all of this!

Leslie C (nl) wrote: Not the best movie out there, but it did have a few good parts.

Jerry L (es) wrote: Another strong thriller-psychology film.

Gabriel W (au) wrote: Excellent actress and great movie!

Wayne K (es) wrote: Taking its name from a journalistic term which describes a peculiar event which is given special attention by the media because of its unusual nature, Man Bites Dog is a remarkably bleak yet profoundly thought-stirring take on contemporary violence and the world's desensitisation to it. With an amateur film crew following a serial killer so cavalier that he recites poetry and waxes philosophically between hunting his victims, they become so deeply involved in his activities that they soon find themselves inextricably bound to them. The film poses several questions that a civilised society wouldn't dare ask. Is murderer ever justified? Is it more acceptable in certain situations? And, probably most worryingly of all: Can anybody be a murderer? With a commanding central performance by Benot Poelvoorde, who is depicted as taking his first on-screen victim before most movies would have finished rolling their opening credits, an immersive filming style and a willingness to be controversial without gratuity, Man Bites Dog exists as one of the most important mockumentaries of all times. Think 'This Is Spinal Tap', but with homicide rather than Heavy Metal.

Walter C (mx) wrote: I watched this erotic thriller back in the day when I would watch anything that Full Moon released. This is one of their better/worst pieces. Better because it's slightly more mature then most Full Moon productions and worst because Full Moon writing was never any good and can't really pull off mature.

Tom O (de) wrote: This is unequivocally the worst movie I have ever seen. I watched the entire thing literally waiting for it to rise to the level of terrible. It threw terrible movie conventions to the wind, and just kept sinking lower and lower. Truly impressively awful.

Leena L (kr) wrote: Just have to love Bette Midler and how fittingly, just before we watched the film we watched a BM show from Las Vegas! This is guaranteed to bring tears in the eyes. such a melodrama..... (ANd again fro the xxxxth time I watched and weeped)

Graydon B (mx) wrote: A sad sad ending to this franchise, Jaws 4: The Revenge is terrible! boring plot, dialogue, illogical as shit, terrible special effects, bland characters, and so much more! Easily one of the WORST films of all time! But it sure is entertaining at times! Avoid at all times unless you like bad films like me!

John W (nl) wrote: Happened to catch this on AMC (I think) one afternoon. Light western fare, relying on Ms. Welch's looks to carry most of the film, I guess. Still, I really enjoyed it. Wishing it was readily available on DVD...

Leia C (ag) wrote: Saw this on MST3K. The plot centers around the laughable pop-Freudian premise that the main character, a middle-class high schooler, became a mob henchman (and accidentally shot a guy) because his parents liked to drink (keeping in mind this was in an era when people drank constantly) and would occasionally bicker mildly with each other, rather than the fact that he wanted money to impress his way into a nightclub singer's pants. I wish teenagers would still dress that formally nowadays, although it's obvious this "high school student" must be at least 30.

Sonny H (ru) wrote: Saw 4 and 5 might have been disappointments but my god Saw 6 is what we saw fans wanted, there might be more gore but the story is more interesting and the twist was just shocking. The only problem with this film is Betsy Russell as Jill, her performance is dreadful and so her demise in Saw 7 is quite pleasant to watch. I give this film 8/10.

Alex T (mx) wrote: The stop-motion effects are very impressive. The other aspects of the movie ere pretty terrible, especially Bernard Kay and the lack of sincere emotion surrounding the death of black character Maroof.