An aggressive, passionate acidic love story between two criminals whilst on the run from the law.

An aggressive, passionate acidic love story between two criminals whilst on the run from the law. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (us) wrote: Nice little film, but very little of imortance happens. Cast is quite good, with Patricua Clarkson being a standout.

Tatsuhito K (ru) wrote: A great cast, visually stylish, but not so much substance. Welcome to the Punch is led by two talented actors, but overall it has too much plots and not enough good set-pieces. It is a very bland film.

Bijan L (ca) wrote: 1 hrs and 19 mins of total garbage.

John Eric D (br) wrote: Colombiana is some rip off of some low budget spy films in the 90's with a very bad screenplay. The only thing that will wake you up throughout are the action scenes and nothing more.

Gilberto G (es) wrote: Really enjoyed this film. First RT review ever but was disappointed that it has not received more attention. Great story line. Outstanding performances. There were some very beautiful and jarring moments in the film.

Martin D (mx) wrote: Charming, atmospheric slice-of-life film set in Rome's Trastevere section. It concerns a middle-aged man caring for his mother. During the mid-August holiday, Ferragosto, he finds himself housing and catering to three more ladies of great age -- and what (beautiful) characters those women are. It's slight, it's short, but oh what a joy!

Kong L (de) wrote: "CORNY | SHODDY | TACKY" - (44-out-of-100)

Mrio P (nl) wrote: I bet its gonna suck big time! but i cant resit sucky movies of this type.

Nate T (jp) wrote: Well done "Who done it?" with great performances. Only complaint: Could the pacing be just a tad faster? There are two cuts of the film on DVD: one is "Unrated" the other is rated "R". Content varies slightly obviously. In the novel it is more clear that the comedy team featured in the story is based on Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Michael M (jp) wrote: but if he was covered in blood, how'd he get a taxi?

Matt H (mx) wrote: Bob Hoskins is amazing in this. George is a really interesting character, and oddly very sympathetic. Cathy Tyson is also very good; I don't think I've seen her in anything else, unfortunately. Well directed by Neil Jordan as well.

Thomas J (us) wrote: Ah,the good old 80's. It will always stay close to my bitter heart. More nostalgia than anything else. If it wasn't for that,this movie would get to thumbs down. Very similar to Real Geniuses which came out the same year as this one I think.

Rangan R (ag) wrote: Is there any better gay themed movie for the family audience?This is an awesome movie for families, maybe except orthodox families. It is a lesbian theme, but not a romance movie. A beautiful drama filled with some good humours. This is not about two women falling in love and their relationship complications, but the family of one of them who struggle to accept after knowing their daughter is a gay. The daughter wanted to marry her sweetheart and start a family. So how things shape up within the family, who lose, who gain and what happens at the end is the remaining.The title says it is a Jenny's wedding, but the wedding is a small part, the rest is all about Jenny's family. While portraying the family about how they're coping with the news, I liked how the film focused one at a time and their way of coming out of the frame they're in. Mostly it was the perspective of the women, because the writer was a woman, so she knew how to carve it. That's why the father's part slightly lacked the exhibition, nevertheless, that's the only male character that has to be so tough.Such a wonderful narration, totally an unexpected movie. Surely one of the underrated movie of the year. The cast was fantastic. Among all the characters, Alexis Bledel's role was disappointingly shorter. Anyway, she was not that important, but the rest of them had played their part exceptionally. Great dialogues, sometimes emotionally gets us. Is there any best gay themed film for families, I've not seen quite good as this one. I definitely recommend it.8/10