The year is 1975, the place is Mahim, Bombay, and this is the story of Tikku, a eunuch, the only child of yesteryear Bollywood actress Nazneen Begum, who has fallen upon hard times, is virtually destitute and is dependent on Tikku, who does make-up/hair-dressing of Bollywood actresses. When she passes away, Tikku is beside himself with grief. After the funeral, he witnesses a woman leaving a child in a garbage bin.

The year is 1975, the place is Mahim, Bombay, and this is the story of Tikku, a eunuch, the only child of yesteryear Bollywood actress Nazneen Begum, who has fallen upon hard times, is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas P (fr) wrote: Heartfelt performances with a limited depth, its a story based on true events of a surfer travelling the world, searching for his own souls peace, and of the family supporting him thru his adventure.Decently filmed surf montages support the thoughtful tone of the film. Lovingly directed, the story is an adventure but becomes more of a journey of self discovery, and finding ones own faith.Above all else, I fully enjoyed Cheryl Ladd as the praying mother over the cool yet unambiguous surfer dude son in Scott Eastwood. Surprisingly honest portrayals by the main characters, but some scenes are undone by the minor players, a common foible of low budget films with inexperienced, unskilled actors.I did like finding out in the DVD extras that this story is based on the testimony of a pastor. This detail helped me enjoy this film a full star more - Reality allows for gaps in the story and gives credence to coincidence - bc reality is Often stranger than fiction. It is otherwise a bit clumsy as a fictional script, despite the grounded family drama.All included, this is an enjoyable, refreshing effort. The diary of a surfer with enough depth to satisfy tv and cable audiences, but maybe not quite strong enough for the bigger screen. Great for an afternoon or evening together with the family and especially good for a date - compelling story, solid lead performances, and no language or offensive material. Also dont forget the A+ DVD extras, as long as your date enjoyed the movie..lol3.5 surf-worthy waves out of 5

Helen W (mx) wrote: This was better than I thought it would be, funny and dealt with a few issues - you could definitely tell it was a Ben Elton story. Plenty of good British actors, pretty decent all in all.

Willy B (br) wrote: If you lose the red thread in a movie, that's definitely not a good sign. The amazing in the main character was her cold eye look..I would suggest that they gave themselves more trouble with presenting the Communist movement in Brazil, because it felt very unfinished and it had different tempo in comparison with other parts of the movie.

Ryan V (it) wrote: A better thriller than its reputation lends. You'll spot the ending well ahead if time, however.

Daniel P (ag) wrote: If These Walls Could Talk is an uncompromising trio of films dealing with the abortion issue over three decades. It's fascinating to watch how times have (and haven't) changed. In this regard, 1952 starring Demi Moore and 1996 starring Anne Heche and Cher are the most resonant stories. In the former, Moore plays a widowed nurse struggling to find a way to safely terminate her pregnancy in a decade where such practices were illegal, shrouded in secrecy and often resulted in the woman dying from haemorrhaging or infection. It's painful to watch and Moore is unusually excellent, and there's good support from mother-of-one Catherine Keener as the step-sister. In 1996, Heche plays a student who becomes pregnant following an affair with one of her professor's. This is easily the standout story; it is still hugely relevant, with a mixture of views on the issue represented without judgement. Cher, who capably directs this segment, has quite a small role as one of the doctors at the clinic Heche visits, and I wonder if her ego was involved in getting her the starring credit or if it was considered necessary by the studio in order to attract a bigger audience. 1996 undoubtedly is based on true events - the ending, which is properly shocking, seems ripped from the headlines - making it all the more powerful. By contrast, the Sissy Spacek headlining 1974 - the shortest of the three films - isn't particularly involving since, oddly, her situation is presented as the least difficult to manage. I suppose a middle-aged woman with a large family discovering she is pregnant once again just isn't particularly interesting (though I do remember that an episode of ER handled a very similar situation with greater dramatic depth). Overall though, If These Walls is a moving project that rises above from its somewhat 'televisual' aesthetic.

Dmitrijus B (gb) wrote: Good: Gary Oldman gives an utterly enjoyable performance as the genius composer even if he is not provided with "Amadeus" caliber script.Not-so-good: Again, he is not provided withe "Amadeus" caliber script and the movie, despite being beautifully shots, quickly fades away as another biographical drama. In my humble opinion, what discerns good and mediocre biopics is that the former tries to discern universal themes in individual histories, whereas the latter ponders over individual themes of universally renowned people. Hence ImBe is an OK film, but for me, its effect was short-lived.

Liam P (au) wrote: Gritty and morally greasy. Man on Fire's not a very happy or welcoming film. But it's original and ingenious take on an otherwise formulaic idea makes it worth a watch.

Ahmed J (jp) wrote: Wtf did I just watch? Remind me not to see another david lynch movie

Shane D (kr) wrote: A near perfect film. Having listened to a recent interview with Rob Reiner the appeal of this is only stronger. The fact that it's mostly ad-libbed and still brilliant parody is A+.

Lucas B (mx) wrote: Both funny and uplifting.

Dean J (us) wrote: A great twist on Bugsy Malone that the whole family will enjoy. I saw it as a kid, and watched with my kids. Just wish I could get a BluRay version.

Don S (us) wrote: I generally enjoy movies of this type. This was too much. Too heavy handed in its environmental message, too much suspension of disbelief that the frogs were controlling or persuading the snakes, gators, turtles, birds, etc., to attack humans, too much stubbornness on the part of Milland's character. Just way too much stupidity to allow me to enjoy it. Enjoyed a young Elliott and Van Ark enough to give it 2 stars though it probably only deserves 1.

richard c (au) wrote: I like Mellisa George always have sure she hasn't had the best luck in film choices Derailed was the pits and Amityville was just alright. But don't forget she was also Sidney's evil arch nemesis Lauren on TV's extremely under rated Alias. that being said this straight to DVD thriller is better than most of the dreck that proceeds it. although if your in the mood for a real MG treat you should check out the fantastic "triangle". the film centers on a young woman who wakes up after a car accident and finds that her and her son have been kidnapped. What follows is a mostly suspenseful, gripping and claustraphobic mind bender on a very low budget. George does some solid work with her lead role and the rst of the actors fill out the slots nicely. But the film's real surprise is how tightly wound it's kept up until it's unexpected and satisfying finale.

Sam S (ru) wrote: Originally I thought a modern remake of this classic tale had potential. However, this film alongside Cloverfield just goes to show how little Hollywood can use their imagination to turn this latent potential into something awe-inspiring.

Flying S (jp) wrote: Beautiful visuals and a well told romance story that pays tribute to the Beatles make for a worthwhile watch

Paul D (de) wrote: I'm a born Trekky, what can I say! ???

Alan M (de) wrote: Literally fell asleep while watching this.