Tango Tangle

Tango Tangle

The action takes place in a dance hall, with a drunken Chaplin, Sterling, and the huge, menacing, and acrobatic Arbuckle fighting over a girl.

Out of costume, Charlie is a clean-shaven dandy who, somewhat drunk, visits a dance hall. There the wardrobe girl has three rival admirers: the band leader, one of the musicians, and now Charlie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan C (kr) wrote: best animated movie of 2014 and MUCH better than frozen. action packed and beautifully animated, this sequel is a darker and more violent film than its predecessor, but still has the charm and fun about it. but make no mistake, this movie is violent but awesome nonetheless. the best part was the 2 alpha dragons fighting each other....I mean wow!!!! talk about animation and awesomeness!!!!!

Ali M (gb) wrote: One of Bollywood's Best Movie

Karsh D (ag) wrote: Based on the Son of Sam murders in New York in 1977. Not Spike Lee's best effort but still enough tension and edge to make this watchable

Steve H (ru) wrote: Many people say if you didn't like it, you didn't get it. Actually I got it just fine, it has no plot, there is no connection to anything, there is no point. All it is, are a bunch of clips of white trash people doing weird or fucked up shit. Like killing cats, shaving eye brows, kids banging a handicapped girl. I was looking for a plot or connection but I found none. I found myself more or less irritated. Harmony Korine did however, make a memborable movie, images did stay with me for awhile. However, not in a good way, it's got a cult following, but only pretentious people enjoy this. They try to analyze it and think it's deeper than it is. I can assure you, it's not deep at all. I can read it's one of the most disturbing movies ever. It's not disturbing, it's fucking weird, random and dark. I give Gummo a D+

Thomas K (ag) wrote: Hopes, dreams and memories of a lifetimeFilms like this don't come very often - intelligent, original and unforgettable. The film starts from the viewpoint of Thomas at various stages in this life. It is a bit like a set of russian dolls where the old man (representing the present timeline) has memories of himself as an adult who in turn has memories of himself as a child who again has a world of visions and dreams within him. If you think this sounds to complicated don't worry - it's a very accessible film. The different timelines are played by different actors and the phantasy scenes often deploy other visual styles so I was never confused as to where things were going. Just as in Leolo (not available in the UK but international versions are around) there are many visual ideas and both the story and the acting are simply outstanding.

Matthew C (gb) wrote: Shockingly bad acting, exceptionally low production values, and some seriously ham-fisted moralizing make this goof-ball movie a blast. The actors are wonderfully stiff. There are great sequences where the actors are clearly reading off cards. They didn't do retakes. Stumbling over dialog is common. And everyone is painted with the broadest of strokes. Everyone white is evil. Any black person who doesn't live in the ghetto is a sell out. It takes forever to get the 'Black Superman' element of the film, but when it happens?Well, not all that much changes. It's still a really poorly made film. But dang, it's entertaining.

Jimmy M (fr) wrote: A lonely doll maker turns people tiny when ever they try to leave him. Hoyt is solid in the lead but the rest of the cast is lazy and apathetic. The script is really weak and has no real action or scares. There was no attacking and no puppet people. As far as really bad movies go it wasn't even particularly funny.

a m (gb) wrote: Gregory Peck is like Indiana Jones who ended up in James Bond style story in 60's England. ...interesting story and interesting cinematography of reflections

Joo Marcos F (mx) wrote: A real horror story about how power and greed, when believed to be delivered by God, can change ordinary people into creepy monsters - and of course, about how harmful sex abstinence can be to one's mental health.

Fraser C (nl) wrote: I managed to not see this film until now. It's perfect Hitchcock. Stylish, sinister and with a sense of humour.

Stewart F (ca) wrote: A coming of age character study that we'd probably all like to strive for when the time comes. Great fun, and 2 great performances..

Joseph S (nl) wrote: Mixes archival footage of World War 2, with fictional story of a young man getting ready to go off to war. The archival footage, serves as the young man's thoughts and fears about going into battle. Scenes of air raids and bombings are spliced togeth...(read more) er with the scenes of sitting on the bus, bieng polite, and just doing normal everything things. The film ends with D-Day, where our hero is among the first to storm the beach, the point where fact and fiction finally meet. Strange, and bizzare miltary weapons you have never seen before(the rocket wheel???), the barbed wire removing vehicle, appear throghout as well as amazing ariel footage. The most unique and effective "war" film ever seen. Like Ambrose Bierce's "An Occurrance At Owel Creek", for the WW2 generation.

Ryan C (es) wrote: It doesn't get much better than "Mary Poppins" with it's elaborated sets, dazzling special effects, it's delightful songs and one of the most iconic roles and legendary performances by the amazingly talented Julie Andrews.