Indrani (Indu) Sinha (Raakhee) is the eldest child in the Sinha household, consisting of her elderly and ill father, Chandranath (A.K. Hangal); two younger sisters and a younger brother. She loves Dr. Sagar Varma (Parikshat Sahni), who looks after her ailing dad, and hopes to marry her soon. His mother approves of Indu, but would like her to leave everthing behind, and look after her son and the household, which is not acceptable to Indu. Misfortune visits the Sinha household and Chandranath passes away, leaving the entire responsiblity of the household on Indu's shoulders. She decides to open a school for children, and her siblings help her. She refuses Sagar's offer of living at his house. Sagar and Indu decide to marry after the children grow up and are well settled.

Indrani (Indu) Sinha (Raakhee) is the eldest child in the Sinha household, consisting of her elderly and ill father, Chandranath (A.K. Hangal); two younger sisters and a younger brother. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Connor D (ru) wrote: A great low budget gore fest. It's fun but sometimes cheesy characters keep the film going and offer it heart while the plentiful gore will keep the audience hooked.

Joshua H (jp) wrote: On the box I thought it said Johnny To, who is a legendary director, but upon watching it couldn't figure why this movie sucked so bad. In a closer inspection on the internet found out the box said "Johnnie To: Present" this shitty movie. Once I acquired this information I immediately turned it off. VERDICT: Sucks

Nuno L (ag) wrote: Realisation impeccable ! Ce qui n'etait pas forcement un pari gagne d'avance pour reciter le parcours d'une vie aussi extravagante que celle de l'homme a la tete de chou. Je regrette juste que Joann Sfar se soit trop focalisee sur sa vie personnelle au detriment de sa vie d'auteur-compositeur ... seuls les "tubes" en relation directe avec "ses amours" sont parcourus (Bardot, Birkin etc.). Dommage qu'on n'aie pas droit a 5 minutes de pelicule sur son enorme contribution pour la musique et chanson francaise en tant qu'auteur et producteur, qui a ete, aussi, l'une des raisons de sa "decheance".

faust s (ru) wrote: Had quite a number of indulging picturesque moments, yet the rest seems flat and the end is frankly just a tad untasty. Slow - paced and sort of makes you loose interest at times, but the lead characters helped tumble it through alright. The film was made with a heaping amount of courage which is delightful to see(and by others demoralizing - straight narrow - minded people/bigots - whom I personally am disgusted upon), had a great potential on the plot just didn't filtered through the screen as probably assumed.


Brandon B (jp) wrote: Colin Firth and Billy Zane. Oh yeah! Not as bad as they say.

Kjetil H (kr) wrote: Hightech skyskraperen brenner,tyver,CIA og andre lyssky individer er inne i den for stjele superduper microchipen mens det brenner,samt en masse andre intiger,som se "Hotell Csar i flammer",ha ha,skikkelig tullefilm,men underholdendene p natta er det!!!

Shiela E (ca) wrote: pretty weird actually,and I'm not really sure why Woody played this part, but not bad I guess. I always love send-ups of religion.Totally forgot David Schwimmer was in it. my least favorite actor on "Friends."

Stefan G (gb) wrote: While I didn't find this film to be as bad as many critics claimed it was, I certainly feel that it doesn't meet the quality standard that could be expected from Star Trek. The first thing that struck me was that the film opens with a variation of the theme from The Next Generation, which was odd considering that this is based on the original series (which I'd have thought had been milked for all its worth by the mid-1980's). The story itself isn't particularly terrible, but I think it could have been written with more effort behind it. Much of the story just passes me by as though nothing happened, and the downgraded special effects and rusty action scenes don't help the cause. The acting seems to be the film's saving grace, even if William Shatner's performance seems to be mostly derivative of his performance on the original TV series. The beginning of the film actually shows some humour, but the rest of the film takes itself more seriously, and this tends to work against this kind of film. Of the original Star Trek films, it's definitely the worst, but had the writing, script and special effects been handled with more care, it could have been better.

Paul R (ca) wrote: A childhood favourite that although terribly average still inspires repeat watches. Compliance!

Terri H (gb) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Raphael G (it) wrote: I know that I've seen it, and I think I thought it was ... okay.

Adrian B (kr) wrote: A small town of mainly Spanish immigrants in New Mexico are having trouble with the local authorities: the men working in the mines want to be paid higher wages due to rough working conditions. The mayor of the small town, someone who is white, will not allow for it, so they strike. Then the wives of the workers also get ticked off, so they follow their picket and even drama ensues. I suppose one would find this film significant since it demonstrates union and protest. I found this film tedious, annoying, and dated. "Salt of the Earth" has not aged well. It is saved (barely) by the black-and-white photography. Fairly mediocre stuff.

Jamie C (de) wrote: Very underrated in my eyes, Ok the acting wasn't great but even though the story did get a little silly I enjoyed the twists and the whole idea of the story, The ending was good and the touch of humour worked well too, I can see why it didn't get as much praise as I thought but it's worth watching and is pretty entertaining.

Joel A (mx) wrote: Director Robert Altman's unique attempt at a Murder Mystery that really was a study of classes rather than murder & mystery.Staring a prefer-all of talent and the where all directed so well with excellent dialogue but I struggled with the pace & the minimal focus on plot.The film is gorgeously shot & the art direction team has decorated the film perfectly but it failed to grab me overall. Not my favorite who done it? at all.