Tapja õllejogurti rünnak

Tapja õllejogurti rünnak

An intrepid (but simple) knight embarks on a quest to save innocent virgins and discovers a Great Evil has been unleashed in a nearby monastery.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
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An intrepid (but simple) knight embarks on a quest to save innocent virgins and discovers a Great Evil has been unleashed in a nearby monastery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean M (jp) wrote: Hong Kong duo Felix Chong and Alan Mak take on the martial arts epic for the first time, adapting the story of Guan's (Donnie Yen) killing of six generals from historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Current martial arts heavyweight Yen weilds Guan's famed guan dao blade to slay legions also admirably flexing his best stoic acting muscles.Despite its aspirations (and predictably impressive fights), The Lost Bladesman never reaches the heights of Red Cliff or Hero, lacking the scale of the former and the emotional resonance of the latter.

Tiffany M (it) wrote: Very thought provoking story based on true events. :)

Yanni Y (kr) wrote: It was so cute!!!! A flick about true friendship and Tinker Bell's growth from a selfish little fairy to a great Tinker.

Little D (gb) wrote: After watching this movie, you might never wanna eat dumplings again.

Nins L (es) wrote: Classic animation,showing that courage and good in people exist to a level where they would do anything and everything to save what's precious to them!

Tyson S (au) wrote: In the realm of such classics as Space Jam and Freaky Friday (Lohan x Curtis version), Big Fat Liar or BFL, as it's come to be known, rides the waves of cinematic greatness with ease due to the brilliance of Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz, not to mention a helping hand from veteran Paul Giamatti.

Ralph R (de) wrote: Here is my understanding of the movie. First off, you are impressed with the suit. Then, you are wondering when the bear attack is going to happen. Next, you are pissed because he only battles cars, tree logs, bats, arrows, etc; no bears though. Finally, when the movie ends, you are like wow that Troy fellow is probably the greatest man alive, for he boasts that he can kill a mighty grizzly with nothing but the bowie knife that he uses to shave himself with in the snow. If you want to see a man get attacked by a grizzly, you will get none of that. If you want to see a man who is more full of himself than anyone that I can remember except for John Lennon, well, you'll get loads of that in this little gem. Check it out mates.

Andrew M (it) wrote: This unofficial sequel to Spinal Tap is surprisingly fun.

Jack S (ag) wrote: Life's troubles begin to catch up with our heroes: divorces, deaths of parents, illness, etc. Some very nice touches from Apted. Bruce is seen learning Latin as a 7-yr-old, and learning the Bangladesh language at 35! (I relate most to him, the eternally-single do-gooder.) Tony, very confident in his accomplishments, is put on the spot, as never really fulfilling what he sets out to. Very interestingly, our annoying twit is back, having skipped 28, to promote the Bulgarian charity he runs with his Bulgarian wife. Apted chooses not to play up this fellow's "England first" rhetoric from age 21, but the change is shocking. Our Australian friend has run into professional trouble, and is a bit of a bore. Farm kid's family wants to be shielded. Upper-class Suzy is mellow and likable. Two of our three middle-class girls are now single moms (the third is still married, though having troubling blackouts). Neil is still a huge worry--looks terrible, still unemployed. I'm deducting half a point because where are our other Liverpool friend and the black guy? Was odd that they weren't mentioned, especially since we were given an update on the upper-class kid who wasn't seen in 28 either.

Jim S (ru) wrote: A shining example of how to make a true trashy exploitation film. I felt dirty when watching portions of it and I loved every minute. God I love Italy.

Rob L (mx) wrote: Sadly, this is sub prime Ealing - a genre that I usually like immensely. Maybe moving the action away from the Capital and trying out the whole remote Scottish island thing leads to a loss of sparkle? Either way, the Scottish accents are a disaster - even those actors who actually hail from North of the Border don't sound as if they do. The humour only occasionally catches fire - ingenious methods of hiding whisky bottles provide the best moments. This movie would be baffling to anyone under 25 and confirmation in their eyes that only modern films are any good - that would be wrong and a shame.

Charlie E (mx) wrote: It's good like the first one

Mike V (fr) wrote: Cable gives a superb performance in this romantic comedy. There are a few comical moments, such as the famous hitchhiking scene, but there are also some flat sections which add very little and affect the film's flow. Considered to be the third best romantic comedy and one of the top ten comedies of all time. My favourite film of 1934. AAW 1001