For the well-being of her children, a destitute widow is forced to marry a man she dislikes.

For the well-being of her children, a destitute widow is forced to marry a man she dislikes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (es) wrote: Just a piece of garbage (and that's an insult to garbage) movie that shows critics aren't paying attention. The dialogue makes Beavis and Butthead sound like a Bergman film in comparison, and it goes on and on and on........until the very end until one boy goes and shoots two of the bullies and then wonders why everybody else runs from him. Not only is this film extremely boring, it is also irresponsible, because adolescents watching it might find it something to emulate. The most interesting part was the end credits and they were derivative.

Ryan W (ag) wrote: The problem with 17 Miracles doesn't have anything to do with the LDS Faith. The problem is the storyline and how it is presented. There are quite a few little stories that are oddly placed in the beginning and presented in the storyline awkwardly . Not to say that this film won't make you hold back tears. It was still alright, but the storyline and characters were presented awkwardly and confusing. It also has some great acting for some characters, and not so much with others. I just felt like the storyline and characterization had no depth, except for Levi Savage, who was the protagonist, and yet you felt like you never really knew who he was by the end of the movie.

Bruno L (gb) wrote: A good documentary about the Norwegian black metal scene. It mainly focuses on the story of the drummer "Fenriz" of Darkthrone (credited by some as the first "true" Black Metal band in Norway) and the infamous Varg Vikernes, aka "Count Grishnackh" of Burzum. It also focuses on the incidents surrounding "Euronymous" shop Helvete in Oslo, his murder, the suicide of "Dead" from Mayhem, the Helvete gang which consisted mainly of Burzum, Mayhem and Darkthrone members. If you're into early black metal and its pioneers, you won't be dissapointed.

Laurie T (br) wrote: Good hearted but shrill. What we talk about when we talk about love. Love at 72 (where's the enema bag?) psychopathic love (marry me or I'll shoot myself), pre-teen love (want some gum?). Watchable for the fast pace and tropical scenery (there are even coqui frogs).

Michael W (es) wrote: Great collection of his matches...just wishing we had more of his earlier stuff.

Taranveer S (mx) wrote: A really 'sweet' sports film ...Yeah you read it right !!! ;)Its an apt example of how a typical formula (sport) film plot can be made into a charming movie with a heart by the means of a good script and able execution :)

Brandon W (ru) wrote: Catch Me If You Can is directed by Steven Spielberg, and it stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, and Christopher Walken in a biographical dramedy about Frank Abagnale Jr's life about being someone that he's not, like an airline pilot, a doctor, and a prosecutor back in the 1960s. I feel like after watching some of Adam Sandler films, it'll be time for a break and watch something else, like Catch Me If You Can for example, which is an excellent film. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a terrific performance that I'm glad that he got nominated for an Oscar, and Christopher Walken too which surprised me. Tom Hanks usually does a great job in terms of his acting, and Amy Adams in her early role is impressive of acting like the type of girl in the 60s. The writing by Jeff Nathanson is well written that I got know about Frank Abagnale Jr, his father, his mother, and Carl Hanratty. The movie does a good job of showing that even when Frank does the illegal stuff, he's still just a kid, and with his backstory, he goes through an emotional time. The score by John Williams is very different from his usual in the way that he used Jazz in this, and it really makes the film feel and sound classier. Catch Me If You Can is a very entertaining film that I really haven't seen films that show the bad and good side of a criminal.

Dianna D (kr) wrote: Politics uses the media, the media uses politics, and the public never really knows the truth.

Bruno V (ca) wrote: Tina Fey was a bit lovely in this one , a petit part humor , and a fine story . Not great enough to buy this .

Michael R (us) wrote: Truly one of my favorite films from one of my favorite directors. This film is full of beautiful imagery and amazing performances. An impeccably crafted thriller that thoroughly entertains