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Tar torrent reviews

Joshua F (ag) wrote: Not enough food porn for my tastes.

John G (ag) wrote: Plot was pathetic and Amy is a whiney kid. Only watched it because it was only English language movie on in Taiwan.

FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: Scared strait with DMX.

Amelia S (fr) wrote: Watched this again for the first time since I was a teen. Still pretty cute, very lighthearted and fun.

Jer M (nl) wrote: Henry Fool is a true epic. It is, all at once, a dark comedy, a lacerating critique of the art world, a powerful character study, and an American tragedy with classical underpinnings. This is one of those movies I have always meant to see and am now quite quite glad I did. I must now seek out more Hal Hartley.

aleksis s (ca) wrote: Excellent BW movie, visually really cinematic.

Nicole F (au) wrote: Funny. There's 2nd and 3rd chapter

Brandon S (es) wrote: Better than average Korean crime thriller that will remind the viewer alot of Silence of the Lambs. Three police officers are hunting down a serial killer that kills women that are pregant. Stylish and gross at times but never too far over the top.

Ali J (gb) wrote: One of my all time fav black and white films. Lots of chemistry.

Ben C (de) wrote: A movie that knows how to frustrate the viewer by giving four KISS fanatics that have endure every obstacle thrown at them (including Disco music and one of the fans' Mother with the Lord as her co-pilot), but also manages to satisfy by accomplishing every obstacle thrown at them. Even when several things make no sense, including the mountain of anachronisms taking place in a movie from 1978, it is worth watching, including for the final 15-20 minutes of satisfaction, especially if you're a die-hard KISS fan.

Greg J (ag) wrote: A good movie, but its main theme could be easily said to be you only fall in love once.