Police Inspector Ram Yadav is a honest, handsome, and incorruptible young man. He lives with his sister-in-law, Shakuntala, and elder brother, Raj . A lovely yet petty thief, Pooja admires Ram so much that she moves in to his house in the guise of a maid-servant, and eventually claims that she is to bear his child. Ram, unable to handle this, agrees to marry her. His duties and investigation lead him to suspect the renowed and influential Appa Rao. Appa Rao is engraged at Ram, and watches and waits for an opportunity to strike back at him. Janardan (Mohnish Behl), Appa Rao's spoiled and way-ward son, initially attempts to pick up a college-girl, when she refuses and humiliates him publicly, he retaliates by setting her on fire in broad daylight, in front of several college students. No one is bold enough to stop Janardan, nor even attempt to save the girl. When Ram finds out, he immediately arrests Janardan and holds him in custody.

Police Inspector Ram Yadav (Akshay Kumar) is a honest, handsome, and incorruptible young man. He lives with his sister-in-law, Shakuntala (Shashi Sharma), and elder brother, Raj (Anil ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven B (it) wrote: one good character, rest bad acting.full of mistakes,poor story line and camera is bad..

Jm S (mx) wrote: You'd spend better use of your time if you'll just sit in a a dark closet for an hour and a half than watch this movie. Or maybe just watch some plants grow.

kristina j (br) wrote: lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slappy M (de) wrote: Love me some Herzog. Fascinating look into the madness of rogue filmmaking.

Trey Tucker (mx) wrote: I like the look of junior i like the car and the horse trailer i thinks its kinda awesome

Altered E (fr) wrote: If this film wanted to engage kids at a level a braindead salamander could comprehend, it failed. But for us adults, it is the best so-bad-it's-good Xmas movie out there. Pia Zadora is in this one as a child actress - her Midas touch of suckiness would apparently carry over into the '80s when she was the star of "Voyage of the Rock Aliens."

Zachary M (us) wrote: Movies about disease, war, and nuclear fallout destroying the world is and then having to survive in the aftermath is nothing new. This is one of the first of its kind to my mind, and while interesting, time has brought us much more memorable of the types of films to make this one more or less forgettable. Still worth a watch if you love classic scifi and have a love of these kind of movies.

Filius S (nl) wrote: Spaceballs is the Mel Brooks adaptation to Star Wars, and the Sci-Fi genre in general. Lampooning everything from the original trilogy, to Alien, to Planet of the Apes; Spaceballs tells the story of intergalactic adventurer Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and his half-man/half-dog companion Barf (John Candy). The two renegades cruise the universe in their Space Winnebago as they run from the clutches of ruthless space gangster Pizza the Hutt. Along the way they come across Princes Vespa, who has just escaped from her arranged marriage ceremony, and who's also joined by her droid Dot Matrix (Joan Rivers). Unfortunately for the crew, the evil Skroob (Mel Brooks) dispatches his enforcer Darth Helmet (Rick Moranis) to thwart the escape. If you've seen Mel Brooks films before, just apply the formula to Sci-Fi films from the 80's, and make sure to lean heavy on the tropes. The film has that 80's comedy style, from the relatively safe and boring cinematography, to the low brow 80's jokes, this is one of the classics of the genre, right up there with Top Secret!, Police Academy, and Hot Shots. TL;DR - 8/10It's a little dated, it's a little childish, and it's campy as all hell, but Spaceballs is a super charming movie that doesn't seem to get old thanks to its choice of movies it pokes fun at. You might not find yourself rolling on the floor laughing, but it's difficult to watch this movie without at least smiling through most of it.

Pitchapat R (es) wrote: Great Movie. Very tense in the last 30 minutes. Exceptional acting performance from Jessica Chastain.

Chloe H (ca) wrote: Loved the layered symbolism