Target Earth

Target Earth

Giant robots from Venus invade Chicago. Stranded in the deserted city are Frank and Nora (who has recently attempted suicide). They meet a celebrating couple at a café, Vicki Harris and Jim Wilson. The quartet escape the robot patrol and take refuge in a large hotel. There, they encounter a new danger in Davis, a psychopathic killer.

Giant robots from Venus invade Chicago. Stranded in the deserted city are Frank and Nora (who has recently attempted suicide). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Casey P (gb) wrote: Larry david is the man, decent story

Raya P (de) wrote: it's good if you don't know what was happening in Norway at the time, and it's edited in the way that makes you interested to watch it to the end. However, it doesn't really go any deeper than could be observed with a naked eye.

Danielle L (nl) wrote: Hmm another wonderful Mind banging. I LOVE this movie, I just showed it to my boyfriend who also adored it. I am a huge fan of Steve Zahn! And hey there were a few cute guys in this so that was nice but come on! The action, the beautiful scenery, the twist ending! The suspense! It was absolutely amazing!

Travis O (ag) wrote: meh. it was ok. funny in parts, couldve been funnier considering owen wilson was in it.

Nancy C (fr) wrote: 2/5 --- Meh, a movie that took me 3 consecutive nites to finish, yes it was that tedious. Ok the movie has alot of action sequences, running chasing guns knives etc, but it's based on an almost plausible plot with the main character Largo (stranglely handsomish German actor Tomer Sisley) in a ridiculous plot that has him doing all sorts of weird things to seek revenge. Should've been an enjoyable fun movie, but turned out to be a vacant story with no emotion, wheels turning but running on automatic. Even had Kristen Scott Thomas...didnt help. Even a foreign movie...didnt help. Oh well.

John C (fr) wrote: Great actors! Great message! This one really spoke to me. You really should see this.

Mandela W (jp) wrote: So this Outstanding Drama was well...Outstanding! It's a story that goes beyond just a battle for a house. It's about livelyhoods and when that gets stripped from you. For real grown adults this is relatable as some people do have this happen to them and its terrible when it does. Really liked the music score from janes horner may he rest in peace. Solid directing in here as well as interesting cinematography. There are many shots and imagery of mystifying fog and clouds making for quite a serene and even gloomy presence in this filmBen Kingsley is excellent here. It's interesting how he plays a guy that could have easily have been dubbed a dick or just a bad ol person and yet he is a good man who needs the house as much as Kathy does. Jennifer Connelly gives a great performance here too. as the film progresses we see more and more how emotionally fractured she is after losing her marriage and losing her house. Shoreh Aghadashloo also does a neat job here as the moral emotional tug at the heart for behrani. Ron eldrand's work was the only bad performance. He looked bored and non commited to this role. He barely changed facial expressions. He also was just reading the lines instead of saying the words of the character. Thank god Connelly and kingsley's experience overshadowed this terrible performance from this actor. the ending was quite suprising and that's were all performance shined the most.If you get the chance do check out this really great motion picture.

Jean M (br) wrote: A great documentary on film making.

Orlok W (es) wrote: You're On Your Own...

Kvan P (br) wrote: muuuthiiiis bir film bulabilirseniz kacirmayin izleyin

Jannatul Ferdous (au) wrote: i watched it....itz ok...

Irene M (au) wrote: so I know I saw this before, but can't recall where or when. Somewhat maudlin and the 80's inspired soundtrack was distracting.

Dave M (kr) wrote: I can see Pen-ek's potential brimming over in this movie. He eventually puts the pieces together in The Last Life in the Universe, but here he's very raw and requires some serious fine-tuning. The characters are insufferable assholes, and if they'd simply mind their own business, this movie would be twenty minutes long. There's no atmospheric presence of gangsters or doom either, even though the story would indicate otherwise. However, the story, despite being terribly linear, is interesting and keeps things from getting too boring. The director gets points for his low-grade, omnipresent style as well, from his choices in color to the fluidity of the final product.

Kyle M (es) wrote: Robin Williams' charisma wasn't enough to save a movie this time when he was overpowered by the haunting of the Holocaust's presence and disturbances, despite performing well next to both Alan Arkin and Liev Schreiber while the film trying to end with satisfactory when it's the opposite unfortunately. (B-)

Tara M (jp) wrote: I love Sandra in this and certain moments in the film but overall it's not very good.

Michelle W (fr) wrote: no info = no interest

Roy C (fr) wrote: Height isn't everything.

Haston L (br) wrote: There are not words to properly describe what a masterpiece of comedy this was and still is!

Melissa M (ca) wrote: Not a perfect movie, but mostly sweet, with lessons of bravery and love.

Rob B (nl) wrote: Not a bad movie but it's nowhere near my favourite Western.