Target of an Assassin

Target of an Assassin

An ailing African leader is admitted to a hospital. A male nurse at the hospital kidnaps him, but it turns out that things aren't exactly what they seem to be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Target of an Assassin torrent reviews

Jason T (fr) wrote: Could have been so much more. An interesting story and some decent action scenes for a low budget movie but the flow of the movie could be way better and feels very uneven. They manaage to make Mickey Rourke into a dull villian.

oxana (us) wrote: Pokmon franchise has been long known for making two to three versions of their games, adding small changes to make each different yet similar, but I think this is the first time with a movie. Nice idea, although I think it's... not worth it, really.I first watched the "Zekrom version"; Ash and friends, as usual, are traveling, and meet a group of friends after helping a couple Deerling out of danger. They get more than they bargained for when their new friends, who are part of the People of the Vale, hope to restore their old, now destroyed home to its former glory.Much as I love Pokmon, I have to say this was from the weaker end. The story just didn't have its usual drive, and the main event/danger didn't seem that great - or rather, it was hard to see how a good person could make such bad choices and not see it happening.Victini had a big part in the story, with its sad past and Ash's determination to help the lonely Pokmon.The other legendary Pokmon, Reshiram and Zekrom, were sadly left to the shadows. They didn't have that great of an impact, sadly, on the story, and weren't used well enough. I would have loved to see so much more of them, in more creative ways.Decent story, great art as usual, but a bit of a let down. Perhaps they should have pooled their efforts into honing the story and giving it a bit more edge instead of splitting it in two.

Benji S (us) wrote: While it may not present any non-obvious arguments against religion, Bill Maher creates a bunch of laughs that even believers can appreciate.

Deardra S (ru) wrote: It seems the discordant Rotten Tomato reviewers, most who seem to dislike the movie COPYING BEETHOVEN, should smash a tomato into the face of their review. This movie was neither pretentious nor a drag. Both Ed Harris and Diane Kruger drew gave stellar performances. The movie drew the audience in and made one wish that women were allowed to compose in that time period. Surely women would have been a mighty light in the world of music. However, this is about Beethoven and hearing his music throughout the storyline was powerful and satisfying. The theme of a work relationship between Holtz and Beethoven although fictitious, nevertheless captured Beethoven's genius and may have embodied the gentle soul of Beethoven under his gruff exterior. Seems some of the reviewers lack the very soul to understand what Holland, Rivele and Wilkinson's tribute to the Maestro meant to communicate. And thus via their reviews missed the movie creator's intention because they couldn't hear the music of this movie. After all, despite the pontifications expressed, reviewers only given their opinion. Their personal thoughts and therefore do not speak for the whole. Even if the movie itself isn't a masterpiece it is a competent copy.

Rebecca H (br) wrote: James Belushi is really funny.

Katie C (ru) wrote: The last time I saw this, I think I might've been, like, 7 or 8, but from what I can remember, it was pretty funny :P

Eric H (br) wrote: This has been one of the most admired and imitated caper films of all time. Sure, it was made in the 60's, so don't look for MTV -type edits, but the story is a lot of fun, keeps you guessing right up until the end, and the characters and settings are very memorable. Peter Ustinov won an Academy Award for his performance, certainly one of his best -- and that's saying a lot. If you're in the business, and haven't yet seen Topkapi, you owe it to yourself to see it.

Galvy F (de) wrote: When some things we seen won't hurt us, and other things do when what we see is ourselves get older, but still young and others young bit getting older we wish not to see. When what we do is see all sorts of cases that we wished we had never seen, especially those whom are close to us. When what we see we have eyes all over when we have an eye for fighting crime. When what we see we wish were here, that we rather eye down a barrel instead to end it all. When we see we can't do it, when it's not the cure to our pain. When we see we have to lift spirits high to lift others we see low. When we see we have experts to see closer to give us a report. When we don't see somethings that we could see as one of us to learn the hard way. When we see we have a good reputation, with serious weaponry, to see that some people are loose cannons waiting to blow. When what we see we know it's serious business thst others see and others wish they don't see to get out. When we see some people are good, honest and can see good when their aim is the best. When others want us to see some evidence when we are on the right direction. When we see our shots are better thst others show us otherwise. When others want us to see to go to the direction that is sabotaged for us.***************************************************************************When we can't get enough of things bad for us, that we can't get enough of the feeling of being high and soaring all the time. When we can't have enough good mornings of being over joyed celebrated and good company and food. When We had enough of bad mornings. When others cant get enough of bad things We can't get enough busts and takedowns. When we can't get enough of some people it makes us crazy knowing they have the upper hand on us it makes us hysterical with power and rage. When we can't get enough of living without those not around anymore that we wish they were there with us. When we can't get enough coming home alive after every takedown we do. When we can't get enough living we are close to ending it all.When we can't get enough high hopes to add to more. When we can't get enough experts to handle the case. When we can't get enough of the excitement and danger that we learn the hard way. When we can't get enough of what we are good at, we are honestly good. When we haven't had enough but had too many to know we are lose cannons waiting to pop. When we can't get enough pain, good help, in somethings but for others it's too heavy to bare that we wish help was there for us. When we can't get enough living on the edge that jumping off the ledge comes natural to us when we are crazy. When we can't get enough of work that we continue for it is the only thing that keeps us alive, when death comes natural to us. When we had enough deaths when they are prime suspects we wish to question. When we can't have enough backup to save our ass. When we can't get enough of some people, when they are good partners welcome in our home. When we can't get enough of somethings when we are having a good time and harmless compared to other substances. When we can't get enough good shots when we are one of the best. When we can't get enough of somethings when it's healthy competition. When we had enough of us to sabotage what trail we are on. When we had enough kids to know we can't keep up with them all but only one that gives us a tip. When we can't get enough evidence when it leads to our own people and those higher up to know we are in over our head. When we haven't had enough danger and excitement to have it blown in our face but not stopping us. When we had enough of some people to keep trying again till they had enough and quit. When others can't get enough of our family to use them as leverage. When we can't get enough of our own to see they don't escape our grips when they are the best at what they do and we need them. When we can't get enough of pain when it's helping the enemy with what we know. When somethings we are sick off we shake off when we had enough of them on us. When we had enough of some people to blow them away when they come our direction. When we all had enough of each other to be the first one to shoot each other first but first settle things like men the old fashioned way. When we had enough of death to let the law settle it. When we had enough of somethings when we have our whole life to look forward too. When we can't get enough of some people that we partner up with them when every screw job just needs their screws tighten. When we have some people who can't have enough, and others whom are lethal weapons that can see, we naturally partner up with those whom bring the trigger happy gun men addicts their targets.

Zandra E (fr) wrote: It started out with real promise, then it devolved into every cliche imaginable. Sir Anthony Hopkins truly saved this film. He's always excellent.