Target Practice

Target Practice

5 friends on a fishing trip discover a hidden training camp for homegrown terrorists.

5 friends on a fishing trip discover a hidden training camp for homegrown terrorists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Target Practice torrent reviews

Noah B (br) wrote: "Maybe the movie wasn't really my type of thing, but I can't help it. Katy Perry rocks!"


Matthew M (ca) wrote: A bit of a melancholy film, lovely score, a bit of a god message but giving the premise that shouldnt be surprising. Well acted, though not great. worth a look at but dont expect to be blown away.

Devon W (ag) wrote: Up and down zombie flick. Plenty of flaws but plenty done right also. Some really good effects and neat zombie set ups make it a keeper in my books, even with all the crap acting/dialogue.

Tyler V (nl) wrote: I did not like this one at all, in fact it was kind of a bore fest in my opinion. The "twist" ending was just a cop out, a reason to make every thing that happened before it. This type of ending has been in loads of films before it, and this did nothing in favor of it. I went into the theatre wanting to like it, but everything from the script to the acting, and hell, even the sound, had some serious problems.

Nelson S (ag) wrote: Awesome movie with beautiful music. Jamie Fox was made to play Ray Charles.

Alison O (mx) wrote: Beautifully filmed and intriguingly plotted this Bertolucci offering is a beguiling watch. Excellent performances from David Thewlis and Thandie Newton do the material justice.

Hanna D (es) wrote: I love this movie. Can I watch it here for free or do I find a different link for it?

Ruan J (it) wrote: Jamie has one hell of a body in this movie, but seeing John doing pelvic thrusts in an aerobic class is just not right. Nice blast from the past though.

Jagruti S (jp) wrote: Aamir Khan's most memorable performance. Very well directed movie. I must have see at east 40-50 times

Tina T (nl) wrote: All round good film, atmospheric. Just brilliant.

Henrik S (nl) wrote: Is it just me or does anyone else find the prospect over late middle aged William Powell pursuing an innocent your mermaid rather disturbing ? I watched the movie and expected some sort of screwball comedy about a man trying to hide a mermaid, dodging therapists and his wife etc., but all I got was a man sexually obsessed with a young and innocent girl and forcing her into kissing him etc. It may sound like a great and serious character study but believe me, it was supposed to be a comedy and comes out totally wrong. No wonder that is is hard to find a DVD of this one, it is utterly disturbing and not funny in the least, I did not chuckle once nor was I amused or entertained. Stay away from this mess of a film, especially if you are irritated by old rapists.

Anastasia (mx) wrote: Being unrated (11) OWN DVD

Vlad M (ru) wrote: Definitely makes me want to go to Bruges