A student will do anything to become part of the "in-crowd" at the exclusive school she attends in New York.

After her only friend is expelled from their private school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Cat Storm wants to get close to a boy she is attracted to and recreate herself with new ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tart torrent reviews

Gianluca B (it) wrote: Biografico. Da una storia vera.

Ahmed J (it) wrote: It was really good at doing what it does best, being old school. Great sound design and cinematography with one really cool scene that made me appreciate this movie going back to its genre's roots.

Patrik J (au) wrote: The effort was there.

Shane K (mx) wrote: This is a beautifully made drama comedy with an incredible cast.

Martin G (au) wrote: The best concert show I've had the pleasure of viewing.I can't honestly claim Green Day to be one of my favorite bands by any means, but production comes together so amazingly well that it's hard to deny the appeal.The guys come off as highly energetic, and awfully charming.The playlist could very well be considered by some as being a "greatest hits" set, though they don't span all of their albums equally in their then 16 years as a band together, though I personally could have done without 2 or so songs near the end.The sound is superb even before you consider the fact that it's a huge live show in front or a reported 65,000 screaming fans in England, and the video shots and editing are expertly handled as well.The most entertaining factor probably comes from watching these three guys do what they love with a passion, and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong particularly deserves much praise for they way in which he can take command of and toy with the enormous crowd of fans singing along to every song ( 'Jesus of Suburbia' especially comes to mind as worthy of being the anthem for a new generation).You've got a grand set, a rowdy crowd, pyro, and great songs - written with great care and attention, along with equally admirable singing, bass and drum playing (and a few extra stage performers) - and on your hands you've got a complete package if you ever saw one.Sure, you could probably watch it online, but for those of you who happen to already be fans and have a large screen and surround sound system, this is a musical masterpiece you absolutely must buy.

Whippoorwill (kr) wrote: A touching story of friendship when a world is torn by hate. Gackt and Hyde were beautiful in this movie!

Kristina K (us) wrote: A very sweet and funny romantic comedy!

Diana D (gb) wrote: i would recommend you to watch this one....history!

Justin B (it) wrote: One of the more lovable 90's misfires.

Loreno (de) wrote: a bit disturbing for me. saw it as part of a history assignment. it is pretty accurate though

Alexander F (br) wrote: Mark DiSalle who was big in the 80's for directing and producing martial arts films doesn't disappoint. The script wasn't the greatest and neither was the acting but who cares! There are some fight scenes so good it almost makes me want to take Kenpo. A "must-see" for any die hard martial arts movie fans! The final fight scene is very anti-climatic so don't get to excited about it. I will still always enjoy watching this movie. Thanks Eric for finding it for me!

MEC r (jp) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Brenda H (jp) wrote: wow, can't believe I wasted over two hours of my life watching this piece of cinematic crap!

Lauren B (de) wrote: As fine a sentimental reminiscence of childhood as you'll ever see. There are others as good, but none better.

Javor B (gb) wrote: Bunuel`s last film, and also one of his funniest and most entertaining.

Charles P (fr) wrote: The gorgeous backdrops have an ethereal, enticing quality, which are made all the more ominous as the characters are enticed from purity to temptation.

Stephen B (us) wrote: This is one of those very few times that I completely disagree with critics. This was fantastic.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: It's not often you go into a Ridley Scott film expecting the worst but I did after some poor reviews but yet again i've been suprised, We all know this story and it was nice to see it done with todays technology and it was as always with Scott visually stunning and even though it's two and a half hours it did seem to go pretty quick even though there's little battle scenes in it, Bale plays a great Moses and all the cast were great, But what's wrong with the film is it can be hard to keep up with and there wasn't really a stand out scene, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version but I can't imagine it being any good, The ending could of been better but the build up was better, It's not as bad as critics say but it doesn't come close to Scott's previous films like Gladiator.

Seraphic W (fr) wrote: Well-rounded film, benefiting from strong performances and an extremely interesting storyline. On the other hand, the directorial structure seemed a tad cubical and uninspired, leaving a bland taste to the buds and a feeling of emotional aloofness.