Austria-Hungary 1813: Two soldiers returning from the Napoleonic war encounter a creeping invasion in a remote mountain village that far exceeds their imagination - especially as the powerful enemy calls for actions that put the humanity of the two men to the test.

Austria-Hungary 1813: Jacob and Veith return home from the Napoleonic war. Their road leads to the remote mountain village Pahlbach. The two newcomers encounter a frosty reception - and as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sreyya V (ru) wrote: an ordinary story with an unexpected screenplay))))

Sham K (us) wrote: Good movie. An independent film story about one man's greed and another man's fight to undo an unjust cause. The underlying plot of the movie kind of reminded me of midnight run, except the movie takes place in 1903 in New Zealand. I'm with the critics that certified this movie fresh, not the audience ratings that certified the movie as not worth watching. Not a great movie, but good enough to rent. =)

Christian S (ca) wrote: un rsum de la vie de Gainsbourg sans dates pour repre.des marionnettes grandeurs nature.

Geraldo G (nl) wrote: Dr. Dolittle is lost since the thrid one...

Alex D (ru) wrote: I thought it was really interesting and anybody would want to watch it! I think u should watch it! The pacing is a little slow , but that is the only flaw!

masame s (ca) wrote: Visually beautiful and artistic

Andrey B (ag) wrote: Very charming movie with great story that guides you through important events of American history of the XX century.

Timothy M (gb) wrote: Expecting more cheesy space battles (and was a little disappointed for that) but an okay quest trip if a little corny and simple.

Neil B (ru) wrote: This movie takes on a large number of easy targets, with great effect.

Dane T (kr) wrote: Spectacular and moving, with some very impressive camerawork.

Martha G (nl) wrote: Very good movie, I remember the story at the time it happened! The script followed the story very well and all the actors did a great job!

Andrew I (es) wrote: Apart from some terrible music, this is a pretty good noir, even if the outcome is a little obvious early on.

laura b (br) wrote: Expected SO much from this and was SO disappointed. I thought jack might have made the film, but not even him could make this film any better. There was no real story, the story wasn't explained very well. It was supposed to have been one of the most violent prison based films of recent, it wasn't even that violent or action packed, most of the film was spent with him just walking around not doing a lot. The ending was crap. The most excitement in the whole film was about 5 mins worth towards the end of the film. Thoroughly disappointed.

Stephen F (au) wrote: Surprisingly charming and bittersweet, bring your hankies.