Tarz and Jane and Cheeta

Tarz and Jane and Cheeta


The flimsy plot for this uproariously breezy'n'cheesy porno dazzler has poor Tarzan (cheerfully overplayed by prolific 70's drive-in picture perennial Patrick Wright, who sports a really obvious fake wig), depicted here as an absolute feather-headed goofball who's all brawn and no brains, suffer a hilariously nasty run-in with a ravenous crocodile: the flesh-chomping lizard bites off Tarzan's manhood (ouch!) when Tarz wrestles the beast in a river. So Tarzan, his ditsy, oversexed distaff companion Jane (an endearingly daffy Tallie Cochrane, Wright's real-life wife), and their lunkhead son Boy (some vacuous California surfer dude type who calls himself Uncle Tom) embark on a perilous pilgrimage to Wango Wango Land in order to get Tarzan another penis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shefaa A (it) wrote: Hats off for the 70s illusions created. Otherwise I remember being bored to death with the whole movie.

Lucas N (it) wrote: The movie takes some good, insightful points about what it means to be bullied. Then, it takes those points, and makes it into a god damned caricature. The teenagers in this are mean, and I mean it when I say mean. In the reality of this movie, all that it takes to warrant a rude comment is your mere existence. In one scene, Emily Osment's character walks by another student, who remarks, 'Hey, nice shoes. My brother has the same ones'. Huh? They are bullying each other like they're the villians in an episode of Jimmy Neutron. Nothing about this movie is in any way realistic, it's bland, and no different form any other movie you've ever seen. Still, watch it though.

Don M (de) wrote: This one had potential, but in the end it contained more bad points than good. The found footage material might have been good if we weren't constantly bombarded with fake video glitches. The acting wasn't great either, save for the Scottish guy.

Kerry T (jp) wrote: Initially hesitant upon discovering that The Big Bad Swim had no prior reviews, I found out that the movie is a charmer filled with some of the most believable characters I've met to date. There is no line out of place; the acting doesn't come across as acting, and I'm sure all who see this film will find characters to identify with. The film makes no attempt at some grandoise higher level message on morality, friendship, or relationships. Instead it is a true to life story about people who face the same things as we do in the real world. Full of (mostly) unknown faces, the talent brought to the screen was an unexpected but entirely welcome surprise. I'd recommend this to everyone, though it's best for a slightly more mature audience - while the content is tasteful, it is nonetheless not altogether appropriate for the younger crowd.

Denisha W (mx) wrote: sucks bad! Bad acting. just all around horrible movie.

Penelope B (br) wrote: This is a good one, so why has nobody seen it!!!Am I really going to be recommending two films in one weekend.Two friends. One husband is killed but which of the friends was really the killer. When the other husband dies, there's even more confusion. Great climax build up throughout the film and the solution is not necessarily quite the way you expect it.

wild willie n (nl) wrote: BLOODY MOON is BLOODY SHITE. This flick is filled with horribly bad diologue (just listen to the opening 5-7 minutes), bad disco soundtrack (and not in a GOOD WAY either), possible incest, lots of incredibly hot babes but no real appreciatable nudity or sex (although everybody is horny as hell in this movie) and lame kills/gore fx. I've probably made this sound way more interesting than it is. DON'T waste your time - watch "PIECES" instead. Great DVD/VHS cover though.

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