Tarzan & Jane

Tarzan & Jane

Sprightly amusement for kids of all ages, Disney's direct-to-video sequel to its animated hit sandwiches jungle derring-do and lots of silly sight gags between song and dance number. With the first anniversary of her wedding to Tarzan (voice of Michael T. Weiss) beckoning, Jane (Olivia D'Abo) ponders how to make it the perfect English celebration

After being married an entire year, Jane thinks back on some of her and Tarzan's adventures as she seaches for something special to mark the occasion with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tarzan & Jane torrent reviews

Marta H (kr) wrote: The only thing I regret is not having read the book before watching the film. I had a great time. I just adore this kind of movies

Shajie K (es) wrote: Didn't expect much from the movie, but i was actually a nice movie to watch ^_^.

Carreh R (gb) wrote: At some levels this may seem to be a stupid comedy about rednecks but it is anything but. From being hilariously funny to being very heart felt and touching on so many levels it is a gem. The only parts I didn't like were the religious parts but overall the openness about sexuality, accepting people as they are whether they be cross dressers, nymphomaniacs, gay, adulterous or uptight and prudish gave this movie a message we should all take to heart. The part where some of the women have just watched Thelma and Louise and come dressed up in wigs and carrying guns to get revenge on some of the men is pure comic genius.

Monica D (it) wrote: Buenisima aunque larga but good

Chosen 7 (de) wrote: Very entertaining, good performances.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Reminded me of a Blair Witch-like rendition of Saw.

Masorad (fr) wrote: At one point in this thing John Houston says (with a straight face) that he's not a drinking man.

Eben B (fr) wrote: I've always enjoyed bad movies to a certain extent. But this film is SO AWFUL that it's not good enough to be "so bad, it's good".

Jose H (fr) wrote: One more of those moves that makes you see how americans felt about Vietnam.

Joe S (fr) wrote: Amazing movie, I will always be a fan of Rambo.

Luke B (jp) wrote: Vintage Robert Redford. Very good stuff. Released the same year that he became a superstar off of his excellent performance in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.