Tarzan the Magnificent

Tarzan the Magnificent

After the Banton family rob a store is a small village and kill the local police constable, Tarzan captures one of them, Coy Banton. He decides to return him to the authorities so that the dead policeman's family will benefit from the $5000 reward. The head of the clan, Abel Banton and his two sons have no intention of letting Tarzan deliver Coy and burn the river boat they were to use. Several of the passengers are now stranded forcing Tarzan to take them along on a trek through the jungle. Abel Banton trails them intent not only getting his son back but getting rid of Tarzan.

Tarzan must escort his prisoner Coy Banton out of the jungle to the authorities. The boat is blown up by Coy's father and brothers. In addition to Coy Tarzan must now lead five more of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beth M (ca) wrote: Apart from bits of punk attitude, this is a sweet coming of age that I almost missed. Don't let the trailer or title scare you away.

Sadia Lynne B (ru) wrote: one of the WORST movies ever made. HOLY SHIT is it bad.

Michael D (us) wrote: Emotionally powerful. I think this movie will speak to people for ages to come. Disturbing at times and makes you question what could have been done? Why is our main character continuing to live in that town? The music was great. All actors involved were great. Good movie though maybe you need to know that it is not exactly a feel good movie.

Eduardo T (nl) wrote: Deserved those 7 Israeli Oscars even thought critics don't think so. What was best about this foreign film was the writing. A very depressing story. What I really liked was that it kept to the point. It didn't add anything that wasn't necessary. It was very artistic in a way. The directing was good as well. Nothing real special but good nevertheless. The production values where the worst part but it wasn't too bad that it would have lowered the rating. The acting was really good as well. Very emotional. Overall, this is a depressing and emotional film.

Derek M (ca) wrote: Wonderful. Pure delight.

Erik D (mx) wrote: My favourite Nicolas Cage movie, and a damn good one. Has an uniqe atmosphere and the use of music is special to say the least. Good acting, good direction, good story, good cinematography - just good.

Jeff A (ag) wrote: hehehehe. she poisons him.. awesome..

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: Looking for a throwback to skateboarding at it's prime in popularity, this is for you. Complete in Hollywood form with cheesy romance music, but also a live performance by Red Hot Chilli Peppers (25 years ago). Cameos from skatings best: Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Tony Alva, Steve Cabellero, Mike McGill and more. Josh Brolin (straight from The Goonies) is the skateboarding star from the valley who battles it out with the Dagger punks in one of the dumbest showdowns in movie history. Skate or Die!!!

Supes S (au) wrote: 1 of the most iconic time travel story/movie ever. This movie entertains you, keeps your mind and brain working with the mind-boggling story about time travel, and also keeps us entertained with the amazing characters that are well-written, great interactions, and also amazing action that won't bore us.

max h (es) wrote: Some great rehashes of classic episodes, although it was disappointing to see Spielberg's entry as the least interesting one.(The tragic drama behind this movie also hinders it)

Jesse W (ru) wrote: Before Paul Verhoeven started making ultra violent sci-fi/action cinema, he had a prolific filmmaking career in The Netherlands, although the films were still extreme. Turkish Delight is a rather simple love story with universal themes of life, love, death, and acceptance. It starts out incredibly over the top with plenty of sex and fantasies of murder but then chronicles the the beginning and end of a relationship between the sex starved Erik Vonk and his undying love for Olga. That Dutch genius Rutger Hauer (Guiness commercials!!!) is the lead, and seeing as I look like I could be his son and my Father looked like him, I'll watch anything with him. Olga, the naive yet naturally very erotic young red headed dutch cutie is fun to watch as well. The film also critiques many bourgeois values, hypocrisy and adherence to consumerism. Since it won the award for Best Dutch Film of the Century back in 1999 I would recommend checking out this incredibly entertaining and passionate tale of love that was meant to end. It might seem like a typical sleazy, sexual revolution of the 70's kind of film but it becomes something so much better.

Al M (br) wrote: This is an extremely campy, derivative film that features an almost utterly moronic plot conceit and protagonist. But, that being said, I enjoyed it immensely. Fairly grisly murders for a 50s B-level sci-fi film, gigantic prehistoric fish and dragonflies, dog attacks, etc. make this a fun film for fans of the genre.

Javier F (jp) wrote: Como siempre, un reparto protagonista de lujo metido en una historia principalmente interesante y finalmente simple y pretencionsa. Una pena.

Damjan R (au) wrote: In the pantheon of anti-war, anti-military & pro-humanity films, 'Tigerland' belongs in the second tier, only because of some storytelling choices. It's narrower focus wears thin on the viewer and when repetition rears its ugly head the film's overall power loses intensity. The characters are interesting, but again, the story familiarity is their detriment. Schumacher's visual style brings us in, and Matthew Libatique brings us in even closer with his washed out and grainy shots. When it's dynamic it burns with the right passion and fire, but it does lose strength towards the end. None the less, it's still recommended viewing, just not of the highest priority.