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Tatak ng yakuza


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Justine F (de) wrote: Sweet little movie about two people adrift in the world of "grownups" who can't quite find careers, but at least find each other.

Vinayak P (au) wrote: one of the most epic documentaries on prehistory.

Matthew D (gb) wrote: A few laughs but nowhere near as good as previous versions. The monkey was funny though.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Some good music and symbolism, but I just didn't really get that into it.

Robert C (au) wrote: An amusing little homage to 50's/60's beach party/surfing & horror b-movies. Lauren Ambrose is great (as usual) and the rest of the cast seems to be having a lot of fun with all of the silliness and sexual undertones. Nothing ground breaking, but it was enjoyable.

Stuart K (de) wrote: Directed by Neil LaBute, (Your Friends & Neighbors (1998), Possession (2002) and The Wicker Man (2006)), this black comedy came from a screenplay by John C. Richards (Sahara (2005)), and it's a touching but violent tale of fame and misunderstandings. If this had been made back in the 1950's, it would have been an Ealing comedy, but it has a lot going for it and a bit to admire. In Kansas, small town waitress Betty Sizemore (Rene Zellweger) is addicted to soap opera A Reason to Love, and she idolises leading man George McCord (Greg Kinnear). When Betty's husband Del (Aaron Eckhart) is killed by hitmen Charlie (Morgan Freeman) and Wesley (Chris Rock). Betty suffers a nervous breakdown, and retreats into a fantasy world where she believes her husband is George McCord's character Dr. David Ravell in the soap. So, she drives from Kansas to Los Angeles to be with him. However, Charlie and Wesley are in hot pursuit to bump her off too, but Betty is absolutely oblivious to what's real and what's fantasy. It has some very good performances, and LaBute does well with a tricky subject matter, but it does have all his hallmarks of men and women in conflict all present and correct. Zellweger relishes the role of our unassuming damsel in distress well, and it was this which helped her get the part of Bridget Jones allegedly.

Carlos B (it) wrote: Cheesy 80's Chuck Norris Action film. The Script was pretty weak at times but the action was dead on. Chuck fighting scenes were amazing and I loved the music score which was a plus. A must for the Chuck Norris fan!

James W (fr) wrote: Convincing and fully committed performances from Mel Gibson, Bojana Novakovic, Frank Grillo, Ray Winstone and Danny Huston in this dark and fast moving revenge thriller. Edge Of Darkness starts with a build-up showing the close relationship between Tom and Emma Craven, and when she is murdered it becomes a full on revenge thriller featuring Gibson going into payback mode. From this scene onwards Edge of Darkness packs fantastic action sequences including a spectacular car crash into a lake, nicely choreographed fight sequences, escape scenes and a tense shootout, this is unmissable.

Marvin T (br) wrote: A well directed action movie and definitely Brosnan's best Bond movie, but it's too long and the "romance" between Bond and Natalia felt forced and completely unnecessary.

Matt B (ru) wrote: Russell Crowe's directional debut is pretty to look at and well-acted, but it's not as moving as it's trying to be.