In small-town Poland in the late 1950s, an aging woman married to a workaholic doctor meets a young man who makes her feel young again. Framed around this story, lead actress Krystyna Janda discusses the death of her husband from cancer.

As an aging woman married to a workaholic doctor by chance meets a young man who makes her feel young again. All of this is films by a director making a film about her which cuts in and out of the on camera and off camera drama. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie L (gb) wrote: I figured I'd watch it before the HBO series starts. And boy is it dated...very, very dated.

Michael V (br) wrote: What a disappointment. I really enjoyed the first one being a great addition to schlock horror that is worthy of Roger Corman's name. And after watching the Feast horror/comedy trilogy previously made by John Gulager he would have been a perfect and obvious choice to continue this franchise. While some of this is fun it just doesn't match the rest of the movie. I expected more. Both Piranha 3D and Feast series did the over the top horror with tits smeared in blood and guts while still maintaining the fun bad taste. This was just "Look, boobies! Look, blood!" If you haven't seen Feast watch that instead.

Maximus A (it) wrote: This is mainly a dude movie.

Niloo R (jp) wrote: this film posed some very interesting questions about the nature of art and was thoroughly amusing. i had seen it a few years ago and hated it, but watching it again, had more appreciation for its subtleties. definitely not a film for the masses but if you're a pretentious hipster with the ability to laugh at yourself, you'll like it.

Greg W (nl) wrote: this was the american version of the hugely popular aussie flick 'priscella queen of the desert" but doesn't rise above routine.

Robert D (ru) wrote: Stark, brutal and tough to my opinion the movie pulls punches compared to the nihilistic doom of the novel by Hubert Selby Jr. but it still gets the crushing weight of the characters lives across. Also a brilliant soundtrack by Dire Straits leadman Mark Knopfler.

Rosaleen L (jp) wrote: A great submarine suspense film.

The Movie W (mx) wrote: This movie's original tagline read "So spectacular it took one year to produce!". I can only assume the film-makers were really poor at time management as there is nothing on screen to warrant such a lengthy production. Perhaps rubber costumes took a lot longer to construct in the forties than today? It might be shot in glorious technicolor but don't let that fool you; this is most definitely a B-movie. Usually that means you're in for a fun time but "Unknown Island" is for the most part just dull.In the wake of "King Kong" in the early thirties we had a bunch of great pictures featuring expeditions to strange islands inhabited by bizarre creatures; "The Most Dangerous Game" and "Island of Lost Souls" being two of the best. The advent of World War II killed off that particular sub-genre, the idea of Americans sailing off to their doom in the Pacific had sadly become a reality.This late entry has none of the artistry of it's earlier counterparts. At least with the older films you were always guaranteed some pretty impressive stop motion creatures but here they're replaced by the dreaded man in a rubber suit gimmick. Judging by the stumbling movements of the "dinosaurs" it seems they recruited their actors from the local drunk tank. They bump into and fall over each other like a surreal cross between "The Banana Splits" and the shambling zombies from "Night Of The Living Dead". The producers pull out all the stops for the climax which features a creature with the body of an Orangutan and the head of a Doberman. Denning, here playing an alcoholic ex-soldier, would go on to star in quality sci-fi fare like "Target Earth" and "Creature From the Black Lagoon". I advise you to watch those before you even think of going near this effort.

Ken T (br) wrote: John Steinbeck novels have been well translated into terrific films in the past - Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath for example. However, the same cannot be said of Tortilla Flat. Spencer Tracy plays Pilon, a lazy, manipulative Paisano who with his equally lazy, yet infinitely more stupid friends move in on buddy Danny (John Garfield) who has recently inherited two houses from a dead grandfather. Danny is a little slow-witted himself and prone to fighting when drunk or aggravated. He loves Dolores (Hedy Lamarr) a smart woman working in a canning factory. The friends take note that "The Pirate" (Frank Morgan) who lives in a shack with his many canine friends, has plenty of money. Pilon devises a scheme to try to get the money - and spend it, as usual, on wine. But "The Pirate" has more divine intentions for the cash. Pilon is so exaggerated a character he cannot be liked. Danny's character is a tough guy, but still, his naivite was so much, that it was tough to feel pity for him. And why would a girl as good as Dolores be interested in this tool? Frank Morgan is terrific as "The Pirate", but his character is so extremely generous and nice it was hard to believe his trusting nature considering his years and the company that lives nearby. Tortilla Flat is a tough pill to swallow and gets more ridiculous as the film progresses.

James M (es) wrote: Every character was wonderful.

Frances H (au) wrote: Excellent film that highlights the importance of freedom of the press to the freedom of every citizen. Without it, totalitarianism is just round the bend. Yes, the media often do the opposite of what they should and are often slanted or create the story in lurid terms for exploitation of sensationalism, bur they are our only bulwark against too crushing load of government imposition in our lives. Excellent performances by the entire cast and wonderful script.

Jeff D (ru) wrote: Marilyn Chambers gives what might be the best performance by a porn star in a non-porn film.

Tim M (fr) wrote: Where do you begin? "The Duke of Burgundy" takes us into the "master/slave" relationship unlike any other. The two leads have a chemistry together in the dominant submissive relationship, but the film is largely one note. Beautifully filmed and wonderfully scored, Duke (for short) never gets us past the methods of what the two roles are and into the relationship of our two leads until the closing moments. The flick concludes as mysteriously and unsatisfyingly as it began. One hour and 46 minutes of spinning our wheels in the mud, no matter how sexual or how taboo never makes for a good film.