Tatiana, la muñeca rusa

Tatiana, la muñeca rusa


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Tatiana, la muñeca rusa torrent reviews

John F (ag) wrote: Brilliant. Bizarre. brutal. Like nothing you've ever seen.

Krystal M (us) wrote: Saw it...wish I hadn't

Daniel R (br) wrote: Wonder why it took me so long to watch it. Awesome.

ystein B (au) wrote: Very good, quite disturbing, the second best film ever about the chechen war

Andrea R (au) wrote: Really good up until the unexpected and unnecessary twist at the end.

Chris S (it) wrote: a pretty dark, surreal, and at times somewhat pleasent theatrical experience. using actors with down syndrome, porn stars with animal heads, talking snails, among other things, glover was pulling his audience with an experience similar to films from Alejandro Jobowsky. I guess this is was dwells in Glover's imagination.

Tyler R (fr) wrote: Really didn't like this movie. Very unlikeable characters that make terrible decisions. Very dirty looking and uncomfortable. Pass on this one.

Sanford R (au) wrote: Maybe if I get the chance

Trevor L (us) wrote: Some of the best Godzilla action of the earlier films. Ghidorah is bad as fuck. Could use less focus on humans, but the action is very good and all packed together.

Private U (br) wrote: the dancing is top class and more than makes up for the cheesy acting and cheesy story

Jack L (ca) wrote: For some reason this film just hit me really hard. I don't always like vince Vaughn films but I thought he did a good job here.

Ty L (de) wrote: Movie was ok didn't think it was the best. James Franco made all the acting and it wasn't his best. Good conclusion to the film but not completely satisfied. Not recommended

Michael T (de) wrote: It's great, but not the best; that honor goes to THE BAND WAGON. Pleasures abound, though, and the energy level is possibly the highest of any Hollywood musical. Gene Kelly shines in the iconic title number, Donald O'Connor has never been better (especially in his comedic "Make 'Em Laugh"), Debbie Reynolds and Cyd Charisse were catapulted to the top echelon at MGM, and Jean Hagen was Oscar-nominated for her flawless portrayal of screechy-voiced Lina Lamont. A must-see movie.