Tattoo, a Love Story

Tattoo, a Love Story

Teacher Sara has always played by the rules and has never thought of herself as one who's attracted to the "bad boy" type. That all changes when tattoo artist Virgil takes part in a classroom show-and-tell session and Sara reluctantly finds herself attracted to the biker guy. Will straightlaced Sara allow herself to fall for a man who's completely different from her?

Sara, a straight arrow schoolteacher, meets Virgil, an easygoing tattoo artist, and finds herself choosing between her comfortable life and a life of freedom and adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tattoo, a Love Story torrent reviews

Tim J (jp) wrote: This film feel like a very deep dream. 34,000 year old cave drawings as fresh as last years graduate show.

Sren T (br) wrote: What on earth is Julianne Moore doing in this film? No doubt the worst she's ever starred in - if not the worst film ANYONE has ever starred in.

A L (ru) wrote: Giant Moles. Are you kidding me? Giant MOLES?!?!?

Eric N (au) wrote: a reluctant 4 stars.this is the best-made of the Scary Movies beyond any doubt.though the laughs became few and far between in the 2nd half but they were still trying. their big problem is they try too hard. i know Airplane and Naked Gun had a joke every 10 seconds and you miss some cause of laughing, but trying to recreate that may not be the best plan. and the pratfalls (people getting hit in the head and falling down and going boom) got super old but maybe some people enjoy that, i dunno.still, most of this movie was great, due to the team of Zucker, Proft and Abarahams. the problem with this franchise, though, is that it will get more and more dated as the years go on. the pop culture jokes in old spoofs like Airplane or so easter egg that they are overlooked if you don't get it. these movies, however, will make absolutely no sense to the young people 10 years from now.

JuS B (us) wrote: really sweet yet really predectible...

Martita (de) wrote: This is one of those movies that captures your heart!

Bill Z (au) wrote: One of the best from director Tony Scott. Hans Zimmer's stylish soundtrack pushes this movie to a higher level.

Sara B (de) wrote: Forgot how much I liked this movie!

Jon I (br) wrote: great movie i like this movie