Tauba Tauba

Tauba Tauba

The movie revolves around Sunny, a fifteen-year-old boy who is obsessed with his teacher, Payal. At school, the sex-crazed headmaster Mr. Gomes flirts with the female teachers and at home, his Casanova father is involved in love games with his secretary Sophia. Caught between these two, Sunny becomes crazy about sex at his tender age.

Tauba Tauba, tells the tale of 15-year-old Sunny (Amin Gazi), a motherless child of a business tycoon, Mohan Shanbagh (Ayub Khan). Sunny is obsessed with sex, this is partially due to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julian T (au) wrote: Weird. I'm not quite sure I understand this movie, and I'm not entirely sure I want to. A strange blend of black humor and seriously depressing drama. I just couldn't figure out where this movie was coming from, going, or ended up. That all said, it is an interesting and unique movie with some decent pluses.Kind of like 'Requiem For A Dream' in that while I liked it, I never want to see it again. I can't believe that it's categorized as a comedy, because it might be the most depressing film I've ever seen. It just made me feel like shit throughout most of it.The acting is just a strange. Levitt is fantastic at rendering his character, but his character is a real douche. Somehow though, I think he's supposed to come across as the hero of the film. I just wanted to punch him in the face. That's an odd kind of hero to have. Rainn Wilson plays the same empty-eyed, uncharismatic character he's ever played, and he plays it every well. Also, this is one of the few films I can recall in which Natalie Portman doesn't single handedly destroy. That isn't to say she's very good, but I could tolerate her here. All in all, this is a film that seems constantly at odds with itself. Funny, then depressing. Slow paced, then out of control. Intimate and pensive, then screaming and explosive. Not surprisingly, my reaction to it is very much the same: I liked it, and I didn't. I can't deny its power and somewhat narcissistic insistence, but I can't say I'd really recommend it. A very emotionally confusing experience.

Brian P (br) wrote: ashamed to be a wrestling fan with this one

Kevin Q (ca) wrote: Hilarious stuff. You'll laugh at something so hard during this, it's worth it every time.

Andrew M (nl) wrote: Quite possibly Jet Li's finest film.

Lena N (nl) wrote: En riktig favorit. Bde skdespalare och handling.

Brett B (au) wrote: A frequently hilarious black comedy, with a very sharp script (which is convoluted in the best way possible) and a perfectly assembled cast. DeVito's scumball lead is fun, Reinhold and Slater's earnestness is endearing, and Bill Pullman's dimwit is the highlight of the film; his standoff with Reinhold and the police is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. The movie isn't a masterpiece, or a game changer, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do, and it does it well.

JJ M (us) wrote: How can you explain this one? Pessimistic? Bleak? A fatalistic study of Human struggle and mortality? Probably all of these, but Herzog has a certain brillance in commiting fascinating material to the screen. The heart of this is in the enigma of the lead actor/character Bruno S. - a recently released convict, an alcoholic, a musician, a dreamer, a recluse, a charmer and a lyrical genius (one of the most authentic experiences of acting I ever seen on screen). Then you have the bizarre and the wierd: an astonishing performance by an auctioneer, a crazy old man who believes he can measure animal magnetism by an ohmeter, and an ending that sums it all up: a chicken in a box obsessively (and impressively!) dancing to a repetitive jingle.

Juli N (jp) wrote: Journey led us to a dead end!

TJ P (fr) wrote: Probably my favorite 80s movie

Jason T (ca) wrote: Trumbo feature some excellent performances especially from Bryan Cranston who nails the role perfectly. The story of Trumbo is interesting and well told but unfortunately the whole movie feels like a pretty by the numbers bio pic. It doesn't offer enough surprises to really different differate itself. Despite that it's still wonderful acted and looking film and worth the watch.